All of our projects are located inside the Online Studio. We do not have file folders of papers, notes, sheets, or forms and we are 100% digital. A part of that changes how you may think you will work with us.

Communicating With Us


We use a traditional telephone with a voice-mail service. Please use it.

Electronic Messages

The Online Studio has a messaging function that you will need to use regularly. When we send each other a message, we receive a notification & email. There is nothing that a email can do that our Studio can not, it is just a bit different. "Attachments" can be uploaded as Inspiration Images.

Video Conferencing

We use Google Work as the back-bone of our systems and we can video conference with you using Hangouts. You will need a Google profile/email. Learn more about Hangouts.


You may be out shopping on your own and you want your interior designer to have your back on a purchase you are eyeing right now because it's on sale, or you may have a question while you're out and about because a text is less intrusive. We love a good sale, yet we find the opposite effect is true - text messaging is a distraction and there is an expectation that we respond instantly. It is important to keep in mind that if we do not have a meeting booked that we are likely working on other projects, so text messaging as a Client communication method does not work for us.

Our recommended solution is to take a picture, add some text markup (all smartphones can do this now) with the product number and price, and then upload your photo to Inspiration Images so you can keep track of what you've spotted.

When We Work

Business Hours

We work Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm.
We are closed weekends & holidays.

Outside Business Hours

Our posted hours permit us to focus on your needs while being able to manage the back end of the business.


In the past 11 years, there has been not one single "interior designer emergency" that cannot be resolved using our communication methods.

Booking Meetings

Clients Book their own meetings

Far to much time is spent trying to find times that work in each others schedules. We use an booking software (embedded in this website under "Contact") where you will book all meetings. We will let you know a few days ahead of time when we you can book.

Please note that missed meetings or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are subject to a $225 cancellation charge + tax because we will have have to either cancel a booking space or put away the hard-material samples we already packed up the day before.

Meeting Locations

We use to house a large office space with a lot of overhead but those days are past. Meetings are held at your dining room table or we can book a shared meeting space at WeWork near the Burrard Skytrain Station.

595 Burrard St
Vancouver BC V7X 1L4