The purpose of this Client Resource is to add clarity to the process and the logistics of construction projects because it takes multiple professionals and skill-types to execute a successful project.

The Big Ideas

  • The majority of Homeowners do not know what it takes to plan an interior design project.
  • The majority of Homeowners do not know how much a project costs.
  • The majority of Homeowners are time-starved and they do not have the 400+ hours needed to complete a project.
  • The majority of Homeowners are afraid of working with an interior designer because they fear designers are cost prohibitive.
  • Staying on budget and finding the right professionals and products are the top challenges that homeowners face.
  • Homeowners eat up DIY shows, magazines, and advise blogs like candy because it provides and impression that what they desire is realistic.
  • The majority of homeowners are using financing or savings to fund their interior design projects.
  • Homeowners are paralyzed by interior design projects because of time, money, style, and being unable to visualize the finished space.

Homeowner Challenges

Staying on budget, finding the right products & materials, and finding the right service providers are the top challenges for homeowners.