thank you for your project Inquiry!

We look forward to reviewing your information. Our immediate focus is to provide you with information you need and eliminate any confusion about our design process. There are some preliminary steps that will help you work best with us.

These are Our Next Steps

1. Review Your Project Inquiry submission

Now that you've submitted a Project Inquiry, you can expect a response by email from us within 2-3 business days. We will be looking for a project fit by assessing the budget, timeline and scope we are provided. Although we can not take on every project receive, we will reply via email to every inquiry.

2. Scheduling a 30min Telephone Interview

We will ask you to schedule a complementary Telephone Interview (with a link to our daily schedule) where you can book your call with Corey. He will discuss your Project Inquiry with you and determine client-to-designer fit. You can expect a 20 - 30 minute call with Corey directly during business hours.

3. Project Assessment

Should the project be a fit for us, Corey will ask to schedule an Assessment with you during business hours. On-site meetings are scheduled for renovations while new construction is scheduled in our downtown Vancouver studio. Please note that this is a chargeable service and although there is no drafting and product selection being completed during this initial step it is an important part of the design work that we do. Consider this much like performing a vehicle diagnostic test to determine what services, challenges, products, and parameters of the work involved.

4. Proposal Presentation

Completed in our downtown Vancouver studio, the Proposal Presentation will outline the outcome of our Assessment, the rooms involved, and the top goals for a successful project. It will also outline our Menu of Services with our flat design fees by phase along with an estimated timeline for completion of each phase of the design project. We will outline all the steps and services that are needed from us in order to obtain tenders from your General Contractors, Building Permit planning and submission needs, and administer the construction of the project.

5. Hiring Us

We set up your Online Studio profile where you log-in, accept our Contract and make your first payment for the Conceptual phase. Work begins immediately or within the next 45 days - depending on our schedule.

What Can You Do Right Now?

This is a good time for you to start collecting inspiration images and obtain the existing plans of your home or business from the Authority Having Jurisdiction, Building Planning Department, or Land Titles office.

How We Work

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