Full-service Interior Design

Our exceptional construction drawings are unparalleled because we care deeply about how the details of the design fit together. We collaborate with homeowners, Contractors, and Allied Professionals. Full-Service means that we completely design all the details of a design project from start to finish. Once the construction drawings are complete, we administer with the Contractor's project management for building permit application and construction. Hiring us as your interior design company at the outset of a project integrates your overall design aesthetic while ensuring the planning, function, and safety of your homes occupants. 


Residential Interiors

Well-design spaces offer the highest return on your investment - wether it be financial or wellness. At CKID, we are specialists in creating functional interior environments that are sustainable, cohesive, and tailored to your unique style and preferences. We are known for taking challenging and awkward spaces and making them shine with careful planning, careful attention to light and views of nature, and a material pallet that is sustainable and responsible.


Kitchen & Bath Design

If the kitchen is the heart of your home, then the bath is your wellness centre. The design team at CKID are masters in their field, specializing in kitchen and bath design, primarily for renovations. We focus on the right products and surfaces for your space while considering multi-family spaces, universal design, sustainable appliances, water-saving fixtures, and our own unique custom brand of locally made cabinetry and furniture. We think that's pretty cool.


Interior Styling

An important part of what an interior designer does is unifying the design aesthetic and finishing highly-styled rooms. Whether it be a minimal approach or a palatial feel, CKID are known for their layered details (or absence of details.) We custom manufacture furniture, window coverings, and more. Using our vetted local makers and artisans, we will finish your space with unique touches, colour, pattern, and warmth that is focused on you and your needs.


Commercial Design

Workplaces and offices are our third-place, meaning they are not our homes or activity spaces. Commercial environments must focus on productivity, wellness, branding, values, and team efficiency. We take commercial design projects by referral only.

Custom Cabinetry

We design, create, and manufacture our own built-in casework and cabinetry for interior environments. As our product is custom, there are a multitude of colours, wood species, accessories, and hardware for any home or office. Take a look at our projects for more details, all our cabinetry is featured there.

Comprehensive Services Available

  • Space planning & interior architecture
  • Kitchen & bath design
  • Material, appliance & plumbing fixture selections
  • Construction floor plans, elevations & details
  • 3D Visuals in colour and texture
  • Selection of furniture and accessories
  • Custom furniture and textile design
  • Purchasing & order management
  • Delivery & schedule coordiantion
  • Coordination with architects and contractors
  • Site review for mechanical rough-in & material layout
  • Punch Lists and final walk-thru
  • Furniture, styling & custom drapery installation

professional Design Consultations Available

We recognize that not everyone requires a full-service interior design package and sometimes you just need some professional help and advice. Our three levels of professional design services will help you determine what you need, how to get it, and how to execute it.


$25 incl. 5% G.S.T.

This industry is confusing & this eBook helps homeowners with successful design projects.

$650 incl. 5% G.S.T.

We start all our design projects  with an needs assessment of your goals, budget, flat-design fees, & timeline.

$1,350 incl. 5% G.S.T.

Gaining the benefit and experience Corey has to offer, this styling service focuses on 3 rooms & 6 hrs of 1-on-1.

Our Design Project Process

Our industry is completely customized and no two projects or clients are alike. This can be both challenging and rewarding, but the best way to handle and systemize projects is a with a process. Our 4-steps below describe how we work through each project and address your direct needs at every step.


Pre-design Consultation

Phase 1
Investment: $650 incl. 5% G.S.T.

Following a Telephone Interview, we send you a private booking link to schedule your consultation. We know you are busy and this process can be confusing, so before we meet we developed a design questionnaire for you to complete, inspiration image activities, and a list of documents you will need to gather. During this 90-minute in-home consultation, we will get to know you, how you live, cook, clean, etc., and what you envision for you and your family. Together we will evaluate each room, and review space planning challenges. From there,  you will book a Proposal meeting where we will share how our Client-Focused Design Process will apply to your project with a breakdown of an investment strategy, flat design fees, and a project timeline.


Phase 2

Now that we have been hired, it is time to get to work. We work with your as-built plans or schedule a check measure of the kitchen & bath areas. If you do not have as-built plans, we  recommend our partners to complete them. Butterflying with your Architectural Technologist and Structural Engineer, we prepare up to 3 conceptual black & white layouts in 2D. Once we have a design solution, we schedule showroom visits with you to select appliances and plumbing fixtures. Materials & finishes are selected within our studio. A client design meeting presents our final design solution layout and all the selected products. From there, the contractors can price and bid for the work.


Phase 3

This is where all the design details are flushed out and finalized. We create Construction Drawings needed for your project with plans, elevations, detail drawings & 3D views. All the details are cross referenced & a complete Product List (furniture, fixtures, and equipment) is finalized. We work with Architectural Technologists and Professional Engineers as the project requires. There will be additional client design meetings during this phase and the quantity is determined by scope and complexity of the project. The final result is a set of Contract Documents (Construction Drawings & Specifications) that the Contractor may use to submit the Building Permit Application and/or construction.


Phase 4

While the selected Contractor will project manage and construct the project, we administer our Construction Drawings to ensure a quality finish. During this phase, we order your soft-furnishings to align with completion dates. We believe in visiting the site during the plumbing & electrical rough-in and then during the material layout phases at a minimum, but more site meetings are available on an as-needed basis with an additional flat fee per visit. We include a Punch List meeting with you so you have a documented record before substantial completion and occupancy. Once complete, it's time to move back in and schedule the soft-furnishings installations!

Products & Brands We Carry

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