- We do Interior Design really well, but differently.

As a specialty-hybrid design studio, we bring all components of interior design together blending design work for renovations, kitchen & bath, commercial, and interior styling & furnishings.


Our motivation blends the technical aspects of interior architectural design combined with the unique expertise of kitchen and bath design and interior decorating. We are experienced in Accessible and Sustainable Design approaches and all our projects are are buttressed by our Signature 4-Phase Experience.










$2,800 per room designed online

Whether you’re remote across Canada or on a tight budget, our E-design services elevate your residential project to the next level with fixed prices designed & delivered within 6 weeks. Each E-design service is broken down into one flat price of $2,800 + 5% G.S.T. for each room. Our E-design services will save you time, avoid frustration and confusion, and prevent costly mistakes - simply by working with our real and qualified interior design professionals.

Budget $$

Designer On-Call

hire us starting at $500 for 2 hours

Designer On-Call services are for residential or commercial interior styling projects that do not need the powerhouse of full-service design work we are known for. Our blocks of hours or design/colour consultations are open to all types of projects within the Metro Vancouver area. Our most popular Designer On-Call service is our Designer For a Day option - but we only schedule a select few of these services per month.

Budget $$$

Full-Service Interiors


Full-Service is for whole or partial renovations, boutique commercial tenant improvements, and new build designs for projects of all sizes & scopes across the Metro Vancouver area. The most common type of interior design service available, we provide construction drawings, specifications, and procurement services for a few select project per year within the six-figure and up budget ranges.

Budget $$$$$

Cabinets & Products

Designer-only goods we provide

We carry Built-to-Order Cabinets, Custom Window Coverings, and over 300 Product Categories across all types of goods, furnishings, decor, wallpapers, artwork, and fabrics. We focus away from regular retail furnishings and look toward quality merchandise with the best manufacturing processes, customer service, and manufacturer warranties. Whatever we can not source, we have made for you.

Budget $$$$

- E-books & resources for future Clients.


Completely Free

So you are looking to start a design project? Awesome! This Start-up Checklist is a tool to help you do just that. This checklist covers the basic information on preparing you for an upcoming project.

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$9.50 + TAX

Our Client Intake Survey Forms are tools to help you start organizing your design and project needs. They cover the basis of gathering information to prepare you and your design professional for an upcoming project.


$14.95 + TAX

Corey's shares real experiences of completing hundreds of projects in 8 years. This ebook provides homeowners with real tools and resources that will elevate their success in completing all types of design projects.

 - Frequently ask questions and our answers.

+ What do you offer?

  • Kitchen & Bath Design
  • Whole or Partial Renovation Design
  • Condominium Renovation Design
  • New Home Design
  • Small Commercial Design
  • Interior Styling & Furnishings

Our services are delilvered by:

  1. In-person with Full-Service Interior Design across Canada
  2. Designer On-Call for small-scope projects and decorating in Metro Vancouver
  3. E-Design done virtually across Canada

Our expertise lies in:

  • Space Planning
  • Construction Drawings
  • Power & Lighting Planning
  • Built-to-order Cabinetry, Hardware & Storage Accessories
  • Designer Window Solutions
  • Accessories, Rugs, Artwork
  • Decorative Lighting Fixtures
  • Accessible Design
  • Vegan-friendly Design
  • Sustainable Design

+ What do you get with us?

All 3 levels of our professional services are planned with our Signuature 4-Phase Experience. This approach to interior design allows us to work with you in the best way possible while being able to inject a bidding process with your Contractor that keeps the budget and schedule on track.

+ How long does the design process take?

Every Client and design project is a little different from the other, some projects are more complex and need more time, but it is near impossible to tell because we don't know much about you or the project yet.

Our 3 levels of service are very different from each other and each of them start at the beginning with a Discovery Session. From there, once we have a better understanding of your project, we can better articulate a suggested timeline.

+ When can you start the design work?

Many prospective Clients believe that we can start within a couple of days of contacting us. This couldn't be further from the truth. Our start date depends on our current committments with our Clients and it is always shifting.

To start working with us, it's always best to book a free 30 minute Discovery Session and help us understand what you're looking for. From there, if we're a fit, we schedule a Project Consultation in Metro Vancouver and we follow-up with a personalized recommendation that outlines our menu of services.

+ What is the fee structure for Full-Service?

Full-Service Interior Design proposals are built based upon your Discovery phase. Each proposal will be a little different from the other and it depends on project type, complexity, client participation, and level of details being designed.

If you would like to know how much design fees may be, you can review our Designer Concierge blocks of hours to determine some approximate fee ranges in each of our design process phases. Most Full-Service construciton projects have a minimum of 100 hours while Interior Styling & Furnishing projects have a minimum of 40 hours.

+ Why do you charge for a Project Consultation?

Frankly, we are an interior design business and not a charity. Our professional services and experience come at a cost and a part of that is preparing the intake of information for a design project. Our nominal fee covers 90 minutes of our time and travel within Metro Vancouver.

The Project Consultation fee is not lost. The fee is always credited toward your first design fee payment if you proceed with our Proposal for Design Services within 14 days of presentation.

If your intention is to consult with us and not proceed with a Full-Service project, then we recommend hiring us for a 2 hour in-home Design Consultation instead.

+ Can you skip the Project Consultation (and fee) and head direct-to-proposal?

Prospective Clients who would like to skip the Project Consultation and head to a direct-to-proposal need to have their ducks in a row and be realistic about their goals. Here's what we need to go direct-to-proposal:

  1. Inspiration Images: a minimum of 5-10 per room
  2. Existing floor plans from your Authority Having Jurisdiction
  3. A Site Plan or Geological Survey from the Land Titles Office
  4. A prepared written list of your goals and objectives, by room and activity (spreadsheets are great)
  5. A preliminary working budget that is realistic

If this sounds like you, then you should consider purchasing our Client Project Planner e-book to prepare you for what's about to come.

No matter the type of service we are providing you, ordering or construction can not begin until the design work is fully complete.

Full-Service Interior Design projects depend on your project scope, building permit application process, contractor bidding process you prefer, and other variables we may or may not be aware of, you can expect construction to begin about 4 to 8 weeks following the completion of the Design Execution phase.

Prospective Clients who seek to advance our design process and compress our timeline will be disappointed. We will either need to charge additional fees to advance the design work on a tighter schedule (meaning our other Clients will suffer) or we strip away our deliverables to what we can achieve in the pre-construction window that you have available.

+ Can you recommend Contractors for my project?

Absolutely! We recommend a preferred Contractor that we think is the best-fit for the project and your personality. From there, it will be up to you to find out if you can work with them by meeting with them directly on-site. We will have already provided the schematic package to them when you meet, so this is about inspecting the residence structure, developing a relationship, and comparing apples to apples.

There are so many added efficiencies when working with our preferred list of Contractors:

  • We all understand (and like) each other,
  • We have done projects and business together before,
  • We communicate well together, and
  • Decisions and issues on your project are resolved quickly, without ego.

You will be hiring the Contractor(s) independently, so it is important that all 3 of us work well together.

We cannot stress enough that all Contractors should be bidding with the same details and information. Providing favour to one over the other, or not sharing details, will result in disproportionate bids.

+ How do you work with my Contractor?

It’s important to understand that the design planning and work we do for our Clients is only as good as the Contractor / Builder constructing it. Hiring us during the Phase IV Design Execution is critical for us to observe construction and rough-ins. Please note that during this phase we can not make demands of the Contractor’s performance, remedy, or deficiency because their contract is with you, but we do provide field reports of our observances to you. If you do not have a Contractor, we can recommend a fit but the hiring decision will be yours to make.

+ How do you handle cabinetry, furnishings, and styling purchases?

We offer the following products to our Clients:

  • Built-to-order Cabinetry
  • Decorative hardware, accessories, and millwork lighting
  • Customized Furnishings
  • Luxury Furnishings
  • Decorative Lighting Fixtures
  • Area Rugs
  • Artwork, mirrors, styling accessories, etc.
  • Custom designed furniture, upholstry, or other goods.

For Full-Service design projects, all built-to-order cabinetry design and purchasing goes through us. Each purchase requires a 70% initial payment to proceed and a 30% final payment before delivery. All purchases made from us are completely managed in-house by us and if you want the luxury look and finish, this is the best way for every Client to acheive it.

For Designer On-Call and E-Design, you purchase from the retailer on your own or we can quote from our vendors and suppliers.

Every Client can purchase any item on their own without our involvment from retailers. If we become involved in retail purchases made on your own, like asking for our discounts or managing the order with the sales person to make sure it's right, we bill a minimum charge of $500 (the price of a 2 hour Design Consultation.)

If you would like to add-on counters, we can accommodate you easily. Although we do not always provide cabinet installation, your purchase price includes order management, factory quality inspections, delivery, receiving, on-site inspection, and the necessary amounts of installation site visits to ensure a quality completion.

Over the past 8 years, we have found that when a different supplier (whom we are not familiar with) implements the cabinetry, there are mistakes and errors or extreme cost-cutting measures that do not fulfill the design we worked on together.