We are Professional Interior Designers

COREY KLASSEN INTERIOR DESIGN has completed +200 design projects in the last 7 years (about 28/yr) while the average home / business owner completes 1 - 2 projects in their lifetime. With so many types of qualified professionals strict safety and code requirements, and rapidly changing building technology, it’s important to hire a Professional interior designers that has passed association examinations, stick to their code of conduct, and maintain education with ongoing professional development.

Complete Designer Service List

New build / construction

Interior renovations

Kitchen + bath remodel

Interior styling + decor

Offices, small cafe + retail

Brand consultation

Conceptual development

Space planning

Product selections

Construction drawings, CADD

Kitchen + bath design plans, CADD

Furniture plans & details, CADD

Custom upholstery / window coverings

Trade-only furnishings + decor

Custom cabinet manufacturing

Purchasing & order management

Storage & receiving

White glove delivery + installation

Professional Services

Design Consultation

Every collaboration begins with a 90-minute in-home consultation, whether it's a one time meeting or the first steps toward a full-service design project. The result is a detailed proposal that outlines our assessment, your suggested budget needs, the scope of design services, our design fees, and timeline.

  • Review spaces or plans that need design work

  • Complete our detailed project questionnaire

  • Discuss your concerns, challenges, and design dreams

  • Discuss budgeting and timelines

  • Book your Proposal meeting (for full-service projects)

Although no real design work is completed during this meeting, there is a nominal charge of $650 (incl. 5% G.S.T.) for this service.


Full-Service Interior Design

Following the Design Consultation, you can hire me for a Full-Service Interior Design. This luxury service applies to new construction or large-renovations, kitchen or bath remodels. We elevate the architectural and built-in details of your home to make it right just for you.

  • 24/7 Online Access to your project + direct messaging

  • Conceptual design + space planning

  • Showroom meetings for appliances + plumbing fixtures

  • Full product selections

  • Construction drawings (CADD)

  • 3D visuals in colour

  • Cabinetry design + manufacturing

  • Decorative fixture procurement + order management

  • Site reviews to ensure design cohesion

  • Cabinet installation monitoring for the right fit

  • Downloadable design project + documents

This is our most popular service with our professional Clients and we work with you face-to-face and using an online Studio where the entire design of the project takes place. We work with you personally to ensure the design is cohesive and tailored to your needs. View our Client-Focused Design Process →

We bill by flat design fees that is based upon project complexity and size of the project area. The total fees will be presented at the end of the Design Consultation via email. Each Proposal outlines the project goals, working budget, our menu of services, and a fee break-down with milestone payments.


Custom Kitchen & Bath Design Package

You may not require full-service interior design because you have your architectural plans and permits already in place, but you are seeking a professional and high-end kitchen design or bathroom spa. Starting with the Design Consultation, we can help you complete your personalized and unique kitchen or bath spaces that will endure a lifetime.

  • 24/7 Online Access to your project + direct messaging

  • Self-completed questionnaire + instructions

  • 2 conceptual space plans to select from

  • Shopping List containing product selections for kitchen & baths

  • Mood board

  • Kitchen + Bath Design Plans, (CADD)

  • 3D visuals in colour

  • Downloadable design project + documents

We work with you face-to-face or virtually using an online Studio where the entire design of the project takes place. Our designs are “hyper detailed” and produced to a level where most questions can be answered by using them correctly. View our Client-Focused Design Process →

We bill this package in 2 payments of $4498 (incl. 5% G.S.T.) flat for a kitchen or bath project. This project can work anywhere across North America and completed using video conferencing or in-person locally. Site visits within Metro Vancouver / digital streaming video are additional.


Full-Service interior Styling + Decor

After the Design Consultation, you may also consider hiring me for interior styling and decor services. This elevated styling service provides all of the elements needed to completely furnish rooms in your home. 

  • 24/7 Online Access to your project + direct messaging

  • Conceptual design + space planning

  • Custom upholstery + window coverings

  • Fabric, furniture + artwork selections from designer sources

  • Cabinetry built-in design + manufacturing

  • Designer procurement + order management

  • White-glove delivery, assembly, and installation

  • Downloadable design project

We handle the fine details, including purchasing, memo samples, confirming stock and lead times, ordering and tracking all furnishings, managing delivery and supervising, inspecting and coordinating installation. In other words, you don’t need to lift a finger! 

We bill by percent of project based upon complexity but a $5,000 design retainer is required to start working. Custom orders and purchases are paid for at time of approval and usually require 6  - 12 weeks, depending on the items, for delivery and installation. All design fees and project timing are established at the beginning of a project so you know how much the project will cost, when payments are due and when the project will begin and end.


Designer For A Day

Gaining the benefit of an experience of Corey, an award-winning designer, his Designer For A Day styling service allows you to focus on 2 rooms within 6 hours of personal one-on-one time (plus lunch.) This works for all types of rooms and focuses on visiting local showrooms.

  • 24/7 Online Access to your project

  • Self-completed questionnaire + instructions

  • Meet at your home for 1 hour and review the 2 rooms

  • During our 1 hour lunch, we discuss suggestions / recommendations

  • The 3 hours are spent with Corey shopping at selected retail / supplier showrooms

  • Downloadable Shopping List

Our day starts at 10a and finishes at 4p. Within 1 week, you will receive a plan of what do to and have a list of furniture options we reviewed together.

We bill this service as a one-time fee of $1800 (incl. 5% G.S.T.) in advance.


Online Interior Design Services

Frequently Asked Questions


For full-service projects we produce a detailed proposal outlining the scope of services, flat design fees, and timeline. Every project will have a different cost and scope, but our fees are calculated by using the total area we are working in and the level of complexity. Most fully-fitted projects start at $75,000 and it is upward from there. There are some extra costs, like printing, additional meetings, changes after approvals, and the like.

How long does a typical design project take?

Every design project different but the majority take anywhere from 3 months to 1 year to plan correctly. The biggest factors that affect our abilities to move quickly through the scope of services are our Clients ability to make decisions (and stick to them), and their schedule to meet and respond to us. It is important to note that we are likely booked in advance and can not start design projects immediatley.

how involved will I be in the design process?

Our clients come to us because we are creative professionals and certified masters in our field. You will have some level of involvement because it is your money, such as visiting showrooms to review products, communicating with us in your online Studio, and completing the initial important items we need to start working. Mostly, you can expect to need anywhere from 16 - 24 hours extra time per week. We work best with Clients that respect our organization methods and process.

Where do I purchase furniture and styling items?

We source and sell you products from trade-only suppliers and vendors. We do not purchase from online or retail locations.


You should have a fairly good idea of what the project is that you want to do. This includes completing our detailed Client Questionnaire where you will itemise your problems, wish lists, and more details. In addition, you will need plans of your current space/permit plans, inspiration images, etc.

When can construction start?

Once our project documents are approved by you and issued, construction is then scheduled and managed by the Contractor.

How do I begin working with Corey Klassen Interior Design?

Whether it is a one room styling project or a new build, every relationship begins with a complementary 30 minute Telephone Interview. We will talk about your submitted intake form and Corey will poke-holes where ever he can to find out the tricky spots. During the call, we will outline our design process and ensure that you have enough information to make the next decision, hiring us for a Pre-Design Consultation.

Any other words of wisdom?

  1. Always make a decision and stick to it. Changes are the most costly part of any project. If you want to delay a decision, keep a deadline on it and stick to the deadline.

  2. We work fastest when Clients are on-board with us and take ownership for their project, but not so much that we are being managed.