new home design

We work with Architects, Building Technologists, Professional Engineers, Builders and homeowners to elevate residential plans. Ideally we engage before a building permit application is filed so that we may assess your interior environment and detail your needs with some adjustment requests to your Architect or planner.

Once we are engaged with, we develop a complete design plan and product selections that include appliances, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, decorative finishes, flooring, cabinetry, counters, moulding, doors and hardware, and so much more.

We collaborate with your Allied Professionals to ensure that you have a happy, healthy, and sustainable home for a lifetime of enjoyment.


Renovation design

Why move when you can stay in your neighbourhood? It’s sustainable to work with your existing home and adapt it to better suit your needs.

Renovations are a daunting task to consider that requires a time and financial commitment. Though our design process, we consider the value of the investment, design-decision-making responsibilities, and overall specialties such as sustainable and accessible design. For condominium renovations, we handle all aspects in-house.

Although we have a culture of disposal and replacements for new, an enjoyable and responsible part of interior design as an applied science is to provide homeowners with adaptable, accessible, sustainable, and healthy environments for all ages, abilities, and needs.

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interior styling & furnishings

Often overlooked but never underestimated, completing a homes interior styling and furnishings is a critical aspect of full-service design and a turn-key solution.

We itemize the existing furnishings, heirlooms, and artwork to remain or be reused while injecting a new flare, spirit, and design aesthetic to the spaces we’ll work in.

Our responsibilities include furnishings, textiles, window solutions, rugs, artwork, and accessories for a complete home. Purchasing from us ensures that the product is managed, delivered, and installed correctly. Be sure to ask us about our White Glove service, a part of our full-service turn-key approach.

Homeowner Resources



So you’re starting a design project? Great! Download our free Start-Up Checklist e-book and get going on your project. We cover some important points that every homeowner needs to know BEFORE starting.

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Our Client Intake Survey Forms are tools to help you start organizing your design and project needs. They cover the basis of gathering information to prepare you and your design professional for an upcoming project.


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Corey's shares real experiences of completing hundreds of projects in 8 years. This ebook provides homeowners with real tools and resources that will elevate their success in completing all types of design projects.