Client Project Planner & Intake Forms

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Client Project Planner & Intake Forms

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Downloadable eBook in PDF format

Homeowners are bombarded with conflicting information about design projects in magazines, blogs, and television and only further confuse and misinform homeowners. Corey’s eBook shares real tools and resources for homeowners based upon successfully completing 300+ design projects, being an interior design educator, a peer-mentor and 4 professional certifications. Written simply and honestly, his topics support homeowners in their design project journey by providing checklists and forms to better understand the design style, functional needs, budget goals, and timeline.

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This digital eBook format prepares homeowners for potential challenges, product selections, decisions, the types of professionals, and provides a detailed worksheets that assess the design project from front to back. Use Corey's eBook with his Design Team, or with any other professional designer (imagine how much they'd love you.)

Topics covered

  1. Realistic budgets

  2. Roles & responsibilities

  3. Making better decisions

  4. Scope of work

  5. Assessing needs