Art Sourcing & Curation

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Art Sourcing & Curation


Specialized art consultations for 3 rooms

Curating, sourcing + placing artwork is a challenge for most homeowners. We work with your existing pieces, re-frame / layout, and source new pieces for your collection locally or internationally. Hanging is always performed by professionals and we will even create new art for your needs.

Art consultations can take a few days to a few weeks, depending on complexity. Once the plan is ready, you can hire us to execute + manage or implement on your own.

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What we will do

  • Review your Questionnaire

  •  Visit your home for 2 hours

  •  Review up to 3 rooms

  •  Develop a plan / layout

  •  Outline sourcing and re-framing needs

  •  Determine hanging details & installation

  • Provide a detailed document with instructions and purchases to make

This consultation service is inclusive of 5% (G.S.T. Reg. #81489393) is a one-time fee and provides (1x) initial 2hr project site meeting and up to 1 hours of travel/shopping at 1 local art framiling location. Please note that no actual drafting/drawing work is completed during this service. Additional travel fees may apply outside of Metro Vancouver.