We recognize that some Clients don't want Full-Service Interior Design, but still they need a well-prepared package with all the drawings, products, and details to implement on their own. Online interior design is a good fit if there isn't a feeling of being overwhelmed by the project or logistics of ordering. Our packages include everything that you'd need to implement including instructions to implement on your own.

Design Savvy

If you are more savvy with products, materials, and even with using a hammer or nails, then online design will work for you.

Online Portal

We offer a secure online portal for your project. From design to printed package, we make it easy to implement your project.

Experienced Service

Unlike other online providers, we have hundreds of clients and projects under our belt. We know our stuff and have our process nailed down.

Stacked Packages

Stack packages together to create a customized online package that suits your needs, or talk to us and find out what we can do!

How IT Works

1. Select package & Purchase

Our Online Design Packages are professional and extremely competitive for the quality of design work performed. We know we are more detailed and comprehensive than everyone else so we adjust prices to reflect the value you receive.

2. Personalize

Using the Client Project Planner included ($11 value) you'll complete style questions and measure the space. All the instructions are included and nothing will be missed. Upload your planner and inspiration images and we'll confirm the rest.

3. Create

Our professionally trained and certified designers will create design solutions based upon your submissions, budget, and timeline. Adding plans, elevations, and colour renderings we will show you how we interpret the function & form of your interior.

4. Collaborate

Selecting materials and finishes that enhance your style, our online studio lists everything for you. We source and select all materials, finishes, fabrics, fixtures, and products. Interact with the Team using messaging and uploading functions.

5. Execute

Detailed drafting completed beyond industry standard to ensure that nothing is forgotten, all the details are clarified, and that the hand-off to the DIY-homeowner or skilled professional is an easy one. With a click of a print button, your package is ready.

6. Complete

Using the completed design package, you'll shop for, purchase, and build the interior space of your dreams. Comprehensive and graphically communicated, our Team ensures that you rent our brains to save you valuable time and money.

Packages & Pricing

Not sure which package is right for you? Schedule 15 minutes with Corey and find out!

All Packages Include

Direct messaging with the Team

Direct messaging with the Team

A Curated Shopping List

A Curated Shopping List

A Mood Board

A Mood Board

A Professional Floor Plan

A Professional Floor Plan

kaboompics_iPhone, laptop, coffee in Chemex.jpg

In addition

✓ Integrate your existing furniture

✓ Personalized budget tracking

✓ Collaborate online anytime, from anywhere

✓ Flat fees with no hourly rates

✓ Professional designers with outstanding skills

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the Process Take?

About 30 days from from purchase to completion - depending on your response time and decisions. Within the first 2 weeks you'll receive a conceptual layout floor plan (up to 2 options) to review, provide feedback on, and select from. The final 2 weeks are for us to finish up the plans, products, and ensure we are happy with what we're providing you.

2. Where do we source products from?

It depends on your budget and timeline. We offer direct purchasing and customized products from us, but we also use,,, and more Canadian supply companies that actually ship Nationally without additional costs.

3. How do You purchase products?

We provide you with the direct click-thru link so all that you have to do is click to purchase.

4. Why do you charge more than other e-design platforms?

This is a great question that isn't very easy to answer because it is about qualifications, quality of the design outputs, and professional experience. We don't feel that a USD$79 room design or USD$399 bathroom design even remotely touches the professional quality of design plans and product selections that you will need.