Why a Studio Portal is Important

Design projects are complex with no straight line from A to Z. We utilize a Studio Portal to the Client, Contractor & Creative stay organized.

This exclusive access is inside our workflow and starts with Appointments, Questionnaires, Inspiration Images, Before Photos and Site / Project Files. From inside the design studio portal, you will communicate with us, review and approved our concepts, construction drawings, product selections, and pay your invoices we prepare for you.

Getting Started

  1. Log-in to your Studio Portal.

  2. Use your email address provided.

  3. Enter your password.

  4. Change your password to a private one.

Once You're Logged In


  • Contract

    • Read and review the Letter of Agreement for the design services we prepare for you.

    • As questions about the legalese with Messages.

    • Scroll to the bottom and “accept” the LOA by using your name and email address.

  • Appointments

    • Book your appointments with us here.

    • Input your name, email, and location.

    • With our email response you can add it to your calendar.

  • Invoices

    • Review and pay for your design services.

    • Review and pay for your product purchases.

    • We accept major credit cards.

Spaces -> “Your Space Name”

  • Info

    • Before Images

    • Space / Project Files

    • Inspiration Images

    • After Images

  • Questionnaire - you complete for us to start

  • Notes - from our meetings

  • Estimates & Proposals - from us or the vendors we visit

  • Products - for your project

  • Deliverables - drawings and visuals for your project