Are You A Kitchen & Bath Design Client?

Kitchen & Bath Design is ideal for clients who desire superior and master-level cooking zones or relaxation retreats in renovations, condominiums, and new home builds. Where do you store your cutlery? How do you style your hair? How do you cook? What storage to you need? Do you entertain frequently?

This is not your big-box store cabinetry and the value is worth the price. We focus on optimizing your functional needs, high-end appliances, and luxury plumbing fixtures that work for your specific needs and style. When we make your cabinetry, we work with your Contractor to schedule the delivery and monitor installation progress with a minimum of 3 visits. We inspect the installation, cases, hardware, and more to ensure a quality and timeless design.

Designed By An Industry Master

Our built-to-order cabinetry is available in hundreds of options and door styles. There isn’t a species or colour that we’re afraid of. Each of our cabinet manufacturers does things a bit differently and we’ll work with you to find the right fit for your needs and budget.

Our European Frameless options for our built-to-order cabinets include birch plywood cases with pre-finished interiors, dovetail drawer boxes, european soft-close hinges, full-extension soft-close drawer glides, adjustable interior shelves, and an unlimited amount of interior functional accessories to organize everything you need. The cabinet warranty is for a lifetime against defects and workmanship and installation is warrantied for 2 years.

We are reputable dealers of two local built-to-order cabinet manufacturers, numerous cabinet hardware manufacturers, and we butterfly well our interior styling to fully complete your spaces. Corey is a Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer and only 1 of 6 in Canada, and this is his zone of genius!

How It Works

It’s just a bit different than our other professional services.

Our kitchen & bath design projects are billed based on a Menu of Services calculated by which room we are designing and the level of complexity to result in a flat design fee. Each step of our design process is carefully planned around ensuring that you receive the best value for our expertise possible. We have successfully completed over 200 projects in 8 years of business with multiple award-winning kitchens and bathroom projects so we believe this speaks volumes about our track record.

Phase 1: Discovery


1. Project Discovery Call

Let’s start the conversation with a complementary Project Discovery Call. During the 30 minute telephone call with Corey, we aim to dig-in and find out what are your motivations, budget, notions of your design style, and schedule. Following our call, you’ll receive preliminary design service recommendations based on your needs.


2. one-on-one Consultation

Next up is to meet face-to-face at your home or business with Corey. During this meeting our goals are to fully-understand your project goals of style, function, budget, and timeline. From there, we develop a written proposal that outlines how we work, an investment profile for the project, our flat design fees, and our design work schedule.


3. Hire us!

Are you as excited to start as we are? We work with you to on-board you in our Client Profile where you will see your project happen. Inside is your Contract, Invoices, credit card payment processing, appointments, meeting notes and file sharing. We want you to be comfortable messaging us from within so that nothing is lost or forgotten in the next phases.

Phase 2: Conceptual Design


4. design SOLUTION

With the project site documentation, such as as-builts or measurements, we synthesize information gathered and create layout solutions to address the needs. Each layout reflects on architectural details, moulding and millwork, cabinetry design, lighting, and connection to community or scenic views. The final result is a design solution.


5. appliance & fixture selection

The most important part of any kitchen and bath design is determining the activities our Clients perform in their space. We have already completed the design solution, so we schedule 2 showroom meetings to meet with our valued specialists together. This generally done as 2 separate meetings in an afternoon. The result is an uploaded and priced product package.


6. product selection

From there, we source materials and finishes by gathering samples and quotations. All the materials and finishes we are considering are are gathered together inside our Client Portal for your review and approval. The final result is finish and material presentation that shows you how every detail from paint to drapery will be laid out and considered.

Phase 3: Design Execution



A result of the the budget analysis is a product and solution update called “value engineering”. During this critical step, we assess all the outcomes and direction to either recommend alternate materials and design solution options that align with your values - be items that affect price, function, style, or availability. The result is a solid foundation to move forward.


8. kitchen & bath drawings

In this step, you will see less of us but that does not mean we aren’t working hard! We produce sets of kitchen and bath drawings that are uploaded as images in your Client Portal for you to review anytime. You can review and toggle between a Message and Deliverables, working with us as we go. We also do amazing 3D walkthroughs for you!


9. approval

This critical moment is includes a complete overview and quotation for the final parts of your new kitchen or bath. Once all details are reviewed, the drawings and specifications are ready for your approval. One of the amazing parts of our process is that your Client Portal has everything ready to plot and print in a Project Binder or use directly online.

Phase 4: Design Administration



We make this process easy because we manage everything inside the Client Portal. Once an order is purchased from us, we manage the quality, shipping, delivery and installation methods from within. Our trusted trade partners work with us on production and delivery timelines. We’ll also work alongside your Contractor/Builder for timely a receipt.


11. professional installation

Once you have demolished the space and installed new flooring and materials, we are ready to deliver and install cabinetry, counters, and decorative hardware. We hand the space over in a couple weeks for final tile installation, finishing work, and painting. Once complete, we come back with the decorative lighting, furnishings, window coverings and accessories.



It’s been a long road and we’re glad you’ve hung in there, but there’s just a bit more to go before final occupancy permits are issued. We walk thru the project site with you to develop a deficiency list once finishing work begins. Any cabinet parts and pieces are ordered and installed in a service trip. The final result will be worth the wait!