kitchen design

Kitchens are the heart of every home and we work with homeowners with turn-key solutions for more than just cabinets & counters. Unlink other design firms, we have a long history of quality, functional, and well-designed kitchens.

- Kitchens
- Outdoor Kitchens
- Secondary Kitchens
(Wok / Spice)

Our thorough assessment of how you cook is critical to resolving appliance placement, where tasks are performed, and the storage solutions we integrate.


bathroom design

If kitchens are the heart of a home then the bath is surely the brain centre. Oddly enough, you start and end your day in a bathroom. Bath projects are the most complex and the most rewarding projects. They contain tile, plumbing, electrical, and lighting - which is all important but unsafe when planned incorrectly.

- Half Guest Bath
- Principal Ensuite
- Main Bath

Your religious or other cleansing rituals are important to your wellness and well-being. We have the skills and experience to elevate your holistic experience and transcend the mundane.


walk-in closets

You probably didn’t know that there are clothing storage planning guidelines depending on your own unique needs such as shoes, clothing type, outdoor clothing and more. There is nothing more frustrating that not being able to fit all your clothes where you need to store them - that’s where we come in.

- Walk-in Closets
- Dressing Rooms
- Extraordinary Closets

A little know fact is that the other big closet companies just want to sell you their product, and although that is great for us too what is more important is solving your storage problems.


laundry rooms

Most of us are the first to admit that doing laundry is quite unenjoyable. If you had a great laundry room with folding, sorting, bins, storage, and pre-treatment areas, would doing laundry be a big of a chore? That’s where we can help.

- Laundry Rooms
- Mudrooms
- Hobby Rooms

Our laundry rooms include ironing, clothing drying, sorting areas, and usable surface areas where you can be the most productive and get back to what you love doing.


wall beds & smart storage

Did you know that most wall-bed companies design and install product that is inferior and will not withstand daily use? The right product, mechanism, and design are important to ensuring that your investment can withstand more than just casual use.

- Multi-function wall-beds
- Pull-out desks and smart storage
- Small Space Solutions

Admittedly, the investment target for these areas will be more than you think, but when you assess combining a highly functional unit with 4 or 5 quality storage pieces the price is negligible.

how Kitchen & bath Design works

The modern values of our Clients have shifted and we know that they are not always looking for the big interior design firm with elaborate and flashy offices. We provide an intimate approach while using technology assets and keeping our operations clean and lean.

Projects are typically in the mid- to high-five-figure budget range and we take on about a dozen projects each year. We provide built-to-order cabinets & counters, cabinet install, lighting fixtures, furnishings and window solutions as a turn-key service. The Interior Design Services Proposal identifies the scope, investment, and menu of services. If your project is more budget sensitive, then you are likely a Designer Concierge Client.

Step 1: Discovery

Our process begins with a Discovery Call where we review some preliminary intake questions and see if we will like working together. From there, a Project Consultation is a one-on-one on-site meeting with Corey and we detail the intake of your projects needs. Within about 1 week, we will present our Interior Design Services Proposal outlining our investment targets, menu of services and work schedule. Although no design work is completed during this phase, a nominal charge applies. Don’t worry, the fee is credited toward your first payment if you sign with us within 14 days.


Step 2: Conceptual Design

The greatest value that we bring to your project is in this phase. We begin by reviewing the existing documentation and researching code requirements.

From there, we develop two or three conceptual layouts that fit within the scope of the project. Our new design solution leads us to select all the fixtures, finishes, appliances, and equipment for the interior environments with a mixture of meetings in supplier showrooms and personal one-on-one presentations. Each product and design solution is uploaded into our Client Portal for your use where you may flag or approve. From here, the design package is ready for tender.

architect-architecture-build-1109541 (1).jpg

Step 3: Design Execution

Now we’ll dig into the details of the design plans. The design documentation phase is complex and multi-layered. We integrate all the layouts, sketches, and concepts we had before into a set of well-planned and detailed large paper plotted sheets and a project binder. The result is a construction drawing package that contains the floor plan, construction and demolition plan, lighting and power plan, interior elevations, and detail drawings with schedules and annotations.

From here, your Contractor prepares the final construction budget and schedules construction and files the building permit application.


Step 4: Design Administration & Installation

The project kicks off with a Pre-construction Walk-thru with you, your Contractor, and us. Once construction commences, we offer a pay-per-use fee structure for additional meetings, revisions, and field reviews that ensure the construction is conforming to the design plans we produced for you and address any revisions needed. Though our installation process we manage the process from start to finish with our qualified team. The finished result is a functional zone that will withstand the test of time.

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So you’re starting a design project? Great! Download our free Start-Up Checklist e-book and get going on your project. We cover some important points that every homeowner needs to know BEFORE starting.

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Our Client Intake Survey Forms are tools to help you start organizing your design and project needs. They cover the basis of gathering information to prepare you and your design professional for an upcoming project.


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Corey's shares real experiences of completing hundreds of projects in 8 years. This ebook provides homeowners with real tools and resources that will elevate their success in completing all types of design projects.