Are You An Interior Styling Client?

Interior Styling & Furnishing services are ideal for clients local to the Metro Vancouver area who want to furnish, add decorative objects, artwork, and window coverings to their home. We curate the design aesthetic with trade-only products to make it shine. We do not provide the stock retail store aesthetic or focus on product sales, even though we care select lines of designer-only products, we want to ensure the products fit your direct needs to create a customized look that no one else has. If this is you, then we have you covered!

We work on a few signature styling projects per year, typically around the mid-5 figures and up, for private residences valued in the $450,000 to $20 million range. If you are not local to the Metro Vancouver area or you do not have a budget range of around $75,000, you should consider our Designer Concierge services.

We Chose A Different Way

Unlike other Interior Design businesses, we’re actually dealers for hundreds of manufactures that you can not buy at a retailer. Many of our local makers have centralized showrooms but out-of-town suppliers have product samples that we work from because we know their quality. Each of our manufacturers start with references from a professional colleague. All products we procure for our Clients is carefully managed in-house and either delivered to our central warehouse for coordination and installation or drop-shipped to your location directly. The result is a curated magazine-worthy aesthetic.

We sources our products from all over the world. Corey and his team travel throughout the globe and North America to find new product lines, suppliers, and quality items for his Clients homes and workspaces and when we can’t find what we need, we make no bones about having it designed and produced locally.

How It Works

It’s a bit different than projects needing construction Work

Our interior styling projects start with a minimum $5,000 design retainer that is applied against a flat design fee calculated using a percentage of 10 to 20% the total budget. The $5,000 design retainer is also our minimum fee. Each step of our design process is carefully planned around ensuring that you receive the best value for our expertise possible. We have successfully completed over 200 projects in 8 years of business, so we believe this speaks volumes about our track record.

Phase 1: Discovery


1. Project Discovery Call

Let’s start the conversation with a complementary Project Discovery Call. During the 30 minute telephone call with Corey, we aim to dig-in and find out what are your motivations, budget, notions of your design style, and schedule. Following our call, you’ll receive preliminary design service recommendations based on your needs.


2. one-on-one Consultation

Next up is to meet face-to-face at your home or business with Corey. During this meeting our goals are to fully-understand your project goals of style, function, budget, and timeline. From there, we develop a written proposal that outlines how we work, an investment profile for the project, our flat design fees, and our design work schedule.


3. Hire us!

Are you as excited to start as we are? We work with you to on-board you in our Client Profile where you will see your project happen. Inside is your Contract, Invoices, credit card payment processing, appointments, meeting notes and file sharing. We want you to be comfortable messaging us from within so that nothing is lost or forgotten in the next phases.

Phase 2: Conceptual Design


4. furniture layout + SOLUTION

With the project site documentation, such as as-builts or measurements, we synthesize information gathered and create layout solutions to address the needs. Each layout reflects on architectural details, moulding and millwork, cabinetry design, lighting, and connection to community or scenic views. The final result is a design solution.


5. furnishings research & selection

From there, we source furnishings, accessories, art, finishes and fabrics by gathering samples and quotations. Each of item is scrutinized for aesthetic, performance, and function. All the products are gathered together inside our Client Portal for your review and approval. Should you need to do a “sit test”, we arrange it at one of our trusted vendors or suppliers.



Once we have all the furnishings and fabrics selected, we plan and design the window coverings for the spaces we’re working in. Whether it be custom drapery, roman shades, or other window treatments, our vetted suppliers and local workrooms can make anything we set our minds to. The final result will be spectacular and beyond your expectations!

Phase 3: Design Execution



A result of the the budget analysis is a product and solution update called “value engineering”. During this critical step, we assess all the outcomes and direction to either recommend alternate materials and design solution options that align with your values - be items that affect price, function, style, or availability. The result is a solid foundation to move forward.


8. approvals

In this step, you will see less of us but that does not mean we aren’t working hard! We produce sets of working drawings that are uploaded as images in your Client Portal for you to review anytime. You can review and toggle between a Message and Deliverables, working with us as we go. We also do amazing 3D walkthroughs for you!


9. order & procurement

We make this process easy because we manage everything inside the Client Portal. Once an order is purchased from us, we manage the quality, shipping, delivery and installation methods from within. Our trusted trade partners work with us on production and delivery timelines. We’ll also work alongside your Contractor/Builder for timely a receipt.

Phase 4: Design Administration


10. painting & paper FINISHING

Most interior styling projects need the expertise of a painter or wallpaper installer and we have all of our projects fully covered. Our skilled trades are professionals with more than just one example - they are very good at what they do. We manage the scheduling for the perfect install but wallpaper is usually installed after the big furniture arrives to avoid damage.


11. turn-key delivery & Assembly

Another vital aspect of any interior styling project is receiving the goods and inspecting them for damage and we do this for you. Whether we are receiving at our central storage facility or to your home directly, we coordinate and manage all aspects of this process to ensure nothing is overlooked. We even remove and recycle all of the packaging for you.


12. installation & final reveal

It’s been a long road and we’re glad you’ve hung in there, but there’s just a bit more to go before the final reveal. Once the assembly is complete and window coverings are installed, we completely style the spaces we are working in right down to the artwork hanging, plants and flower arranging. This usually takes 1-3 days but the final result will be spectacular!

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