We are an award-winning interior design studio based in Vancouver, B.C. Our custom design solutions focus in-and-around cooking & bath spaces with design projects and well-fitted interior spaces suited for all lifestyles.

Professional Interior Design

Each of our design projects are unique to our Clients’ aesthetic and needs. Residential living environments focus on wellness, views, artwork, functional activities, space planning & activity zones. Extended spaces beyond the kitchen & bath are adjusted for maintenance, sound & light while planned for universal & multi-generational designs with emphasis on a lasting investment based in strong lifestyle choices. We layer materials, colour, textures and patterns to curate a breath-taking space for each of our Clients.

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we are a valued partner

Becoming a respected, trusted, and valued design professional took time and hard work. Just like our Clients, we invested in education, professional development, and certifications that were unique and set us apart from the others. Our core values rest on our S.T.U.D.I.O. acronym of skillful technique, teamwork with key partners, understanding needs, dedication to solutions, imagination with products, and organization of the project. Does this sound like you?