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Searching for the right interior design firm is challenging for home or business owner. We believe in providing clearly outlined professional services and quality products. Setting expectations about what we do and information about how we work is outlined below.


1. What Makes Us Different Than The Others?

There are 4 things:

  1. We have 3 levels of association certifications proving that we meet the minimum gold-star standards in the industry.
  2. Our professional practice is a fully insured, legal and registered business in the City of Vancouver with a membership in the Downtown Business Improvement Association.
  3. We integrate our technical drawing skills and our online studio platform for every client.
  4. Our professional service is your best insurance policy for your next project.

2. When Are We Available?

We are available during posted business hours. For urgent after-hours matters, please telephone your lead designer directly and leave a voicemail with your concerns. They will respond when available. Evenings and weekend meetings are by exception only with at least 14 days in advance notice. Thanks for helping us provide a respectful workplace for the whole design team.

3. What Do We Need To Get Started?

There are just a few things we will need from you:

  1. Value the expertise and professionalism that an interior designer brings to your project.
  2. Inspiration images of your style preferences, details you like, and more. We recommend you use Houzz or Pinterest.
  3. Existing plans of the home, location, or room.
  4. A realistic budget (see below.)
  5. A realistic timeline (see below.)
  6. Be prepared to collaborate with us and make decisions about your project.

4. How Do We Charge?

Corey Klassen Interior Design bills the flat design fees in phases, much like a milestone. Each fee is due at the commencement of the phase with the first payment being the amount of the Conceptual phase.

Now, because we package our services in a tangible line item charge you can understand, there may be some instances where there will be additional charges. We outline these in a separate fee schedule.

5. What's a Realistic Timeline?

Based upon our history with 100's of projects and interactions with clients:

  • A typical design project (with two design phases) runs about 3 months with a client who makes decisions.
  • The average busy professional's design project runs about 6 months.
  • More complex projects can take 12 months to plan.

These design timelines are before building permit applications and construction commences.

Keep in mind we will work faster than you have time in your personal schedule to allow for so we must stage projects.

6. What's a Realistic Budget?

Each project is different from the other, but our starting range for full-service interior design projects is $40,000 and up. Kitchen and bath projects start at around $50,000 and up. Interior styling projects start at around $25,000 and up.

Although we do not control the final project budget, we make decisions about the project together with our carefully created Investment Profile.

All other project types can utilize our Online Design Packages for a paired-down, online only service.

7. Who Makes Product Selections?

There are a couple of approaches and the most common is that clients leave all product selections to us with some input. This is the most fluid and efficient way of working because we deal with over a million of products.

If you are wanting to make product selections, you will need to trust that we are experts and must review all the details before we can commence design work. If something doesn't work, it'll be your responsibility to reselect. We will give you firm deadlines when we need selections.

8. Who Hires the General Contractor?

You do and our recommendation is:

Fifth Element Construction
(604) 264-0692

The majority of the work on our website is completed with them. We are very familiar with what each other needs and there are so many cost efficiencies that you will benefit from.