Frequently Asked Questions


For full-service projects we produce a detailed proposal outlining the scope of services, flat design fees, and timeline. Every project will have a different cost and scope, but our fees are calculated by using the total area we are working in and the level of complexity. Most fully-fitted projects start at $75,000 and it is upward from there. There are some extra costs, like printing, additional meetings, changes after approvals, and the like.

How long does a typical design project take?

Every design project different but the majority take anywhere from 3 months to 1 year to plan correctly. The biggest factors that affect our abilities to move quickly through the scope of services are our Clients ability to make decisions (and stick to them), and their schedule to meet and respond to us. It is important to note that we are likely booked in advance and can not start design projects immediatley.

how involved will I be in the design process?

Our clients come to us because we are creative professionals and certified masters in our field. You will have some level of involvement because it is your money, such as visiting showrooms to review products, communicating with us in your online Studio, and completing the initial important items we need to start working. Mostly, you can expect to need anywhere from 16 - 24 hours extra time per week. We work best with Clients that respect our organization methods and process.

Where do I purchase furniture and styling items?

We source and sell you products from trade-only suppliers and vendors. We do not purchase from online or retail locations.


You should have a fairly good idea of what the project is that you want to do. This includes completing our detailed Client Questionnaire where you will itemise your problems, wish lists, and more details. In addition, you will need plans of your current space/permit plans, inspiration images, etc.

When can construction start?

Once our project documents are approved by you and issued, construction is then scheduled and managed by the Contractor.