We know that our industry is confusing

There is misinformation in the media, the practice title isn’t used correctly, and every design business operates differently from the other. We want to give you some strong key points about what you need to know about working with us and the industry as a whole.

The Profession

+ What is an "Interior Designer"?

An Interior Designer is a multi-faceted profession an a term in North American for what is widely accepted as an Interior Architect. Interior Designers specialize in the safety, function, and form of the interior environment. Interior Designers are professional and analytical problem solvers for the built environment. Interior Designers look at the WHOLE project and have a minimum of 5 years full-time work experience with a Undergraduate Degree and they may even hold an NCIDQ Certificate. An Interior Designer may decorate, but they are not a Kitchen & Bath Designer.

+ What is an "Interior Decorator"?

An Interior Decorator is an unregulated term for a professional that has education and experience in furnishings, fabrics, space planning, decorative finishes, and artwork. An Interior Decorator is not an Interior Designer. There is no educational requirement.

+ What is a "Kitchen & Bath Designer"?

A Kitchen & Bath Designer is a Certified Member of the NKBA with a minimum AKBD appelation. Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designers (such as Corey) are highly skilled specialists who participate in the education of the industry as a whole with a minimum of 7 years of full-time work experience with a minimum Undergraduate Degree education. A professional that sells cabinetry & countertops is a Design Specialist for those products and not a Kitchen & Bath Designer.

+ Which one of these is Corey?

Corey is all of these with proven 6 years of Undergraduate Degrees & Diplomas, multiple professional certifications, and a Masters-Level in kitchen & bath design.

The Creative

+ How much are your design fees?

Each of our design projects are carefully proposed follwing a Pre-Design Consultation. Our fees based off the work area (square footage) and complexity. For Interior Stying projects, it differs slightly with a $5,000 design retainer and a flat percentage between 10 - 20% of the product purchases.

+ When do you charge fees?

Our Project Consultation is a chargable service because it is much like the diagnostic work needed to repair a vehicle. We bill our design projects by flat design fee before each phase begins.

+ Do you have insurance?

We carry professional liablity, commercial general liablity, and WorksafeBC insurance. Ask us for details if you would like to know more.

+ Who do I work with?

Primarily you will communicate and work with Corey directly. From time to time, you may work with our Design Consultants or Supplier.

+ Is my project a priority?

All of our design projects are important to us. The nature of our business means that we need to work with more than one design project at a time to be viable. This may vary from a interior space planning to decorating project.

+ How do I communicate with the Designers?

Our Studio provides you with secure access to your design project 24/7. Inside is a Messaging function that keeps communication flowing, and there is always the telephone. During design meetings, you will take notes about your deliverables and follow-up with us when you have the results.

The Client

+ What do I need to get started?

You should have a fairly good idea of what the project is that you want to do. This includes completing our detailed Client Questionnaire where you will itemise your problems, wish lists, and more details. In addition, you will need plans of your current space/permit plans, inspiration images, etc.

+ How involved will I be in the project?

Our Clients hire us because we are creative professionals and certified masters in our field. You will have some level of involvement because it is your money, such as visiting showrooms to review products, communicating with us in your online Studio, and completing the initial important items we need to start working. Mostly, you can expect to need anywhere from 16 - 24 hours extra time per week. We work best with Clients that respect our organization methods and process.

+ When are the meetings going to be with you?

Our Client Meetings are scheduled Monday to Friday from 10a to 4p.

+ How long does it take to design a project?

We estimate the length of time each phase will take in our Proposal. Based on history and our busy clients, the average design time needed is a minimum of 90 days. Some projects are less, some projects are more. It all depends on our workload and the client.

+ Where do I get my products / materials from?

Each of our design projects have materials selected by us using vetted suppliers. Furniture is selected from trade-only suppliers - we do not purchase from retailers. Keep in mind that if your intention is to purchase materials in an attempt to save costs, the Contractor will likely increase his hourly rates because selling products and materials is a part of their (and ours) business plan.

+ How do I purchase cabinets?

One of our specialties is cabintry and we design, engineer, and manufacture cabinetry for our projects. Our clients purchase cabinets from us and we manage the order, prodcution, quality, and warranty of the purchase.

The Contractor

+ Who hires the Contractor?

You hire the Contractor directly. Please see our Preferred Partners for our recommendation.

+ When does construction start?

This all depends on building permit applicaiton approval, field-reviews, and the Constractors workload/schedule. If you have an expectationn about timelines, it's best to communicate with our Preferred Partners directly.

+ Do I need a permit?

Most of our projects involve applying for building permits. If no walls, electrical, plumbing, spinklers, HVAC, are moving, this is a remodel project and likely does not require a permit.

+ Who installs cabinets?

The Contractor will install the cabinets because they are insured for that type of work. We are not installers.