are you an e-design client?

E-Design (also called “Online Interior Design”) is ideal for the Client who is at a distance from us and need assistance polishing their rooms and will not have design meetings with us but they will responsible to manage the purchasing, installation, and project coordination of all aspects of the project completely on their own. Our e-designed rooms are layered with all the details that a full-service Client receives for a personalized look.

Each E-Design service the same price per room because the deliverables are identical. If you do not want to self-execute or are not comfortable working on a project with a qualified Contractor on your own, then this type of service is not for you. Also, if your home is undergoing construction, a whole or partial renovation, extensive modification to the mechanical workings, or otherwise requires that we meet with Architectural Technologists and qualified Contractors under a building permit, then you are actually a Full-Service Interior Design Client.


You Deserve A Special Order!

We don’t think that any interior design has to be challenging if you live in anywhere in Canada. Although we may live and work in the big city, we are from small-town-Canada too. We understand the challenges remote areas have when accessing products and services.

While living in rural areas we accept that some parts of a project will be more challenging, so we become resourceful. You’d be pleased to know that most major brands and vendors are more than happy to work with us no matter where you are - with special orders.

We just need to figure out who will order it an how it will get there.

No matter how you want to work it, we provide you a solid design plan for you to build on your own or work with a local Contractor.

Your welcome to review our Online Interior Design Agreement before you begin.

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E-design Rooms


$2,800 + tax

Living Room E-Design service is ideal for primarily entertaining and activity rooms such as living areas, family rooms, home theater rooms, or even outdoor spaces.


$2,800 + tax

Dining Room E-Design service is ideal for primarily entertaining and activity rooms such as dining areas, eat-in kitchen areas, or outdoor eating areas.


$2,800 + tax

Bedroom E-Design service is ideal for principal bedrooms, childrens bedrooms, nurseries, or guest bedrooms.


$2,800 + tax

Kitchen E-Design service is ideal for Kitchens, Butler’s Pantry, Wok/Spice Kitchens, or Outdoor Kitchens. This service is our jam!


$2,800 + tax

Bathroom E-Design service is ideal for Master Bathrooms (4-5pc), Family Bathrooms (3-4pc), or Powder Rooms (2pc).


$2,800 + tax

Other Room E-Design service is ideal for Entertaining Bars, Walk-in Closet, Laundry Rooms, Home office, or Hobby Rooms.

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Special E-Design Services


$150 + tax

A 30 minute Zoom Video Design Consultation where Corey will assess and provide advice for design problems you’re stuck on with.


$300 + tax

A 60 minute Zoom Video Design Consultation where Corey can help you with space planning, colours, and more online.

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$900 + tax

Add-on for an existing room service includes Lighting, Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC planning. Ideal for kitchens or bath e-design rooms.

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