- Professional design delivered completely online.

E-design services provide remote (or budget friendly) types of design projects with our professional interior design completed by the same team as full-service.

about this service

E-Design (or “online interior design”) is ideal for the Client who anywhere in Canada, remotely or locally. Clients are responsible for implementing their project on their own or with a qualified Contractor. Our E-Design services have some of the same deliverables that our Full-Service Interior Design Client’s receive.

project considerations

If your home is undergoing construction, a whole or partial renovation, extensive modification to the mechanical workings, or otherwise requires that we meet with Architectural Technologists and qualified Contractors under a building permit, then you are actually a Full-Service Interior Design Client.


$2,800 + tax

Living Room E-Design service is ideal for primarily entertaining and activity rooms such as living areas, family rooms, home theater rooms, or even outdoor spaces.


$2,800 + tax

Dining Room E-Design service is ideal for primarily entertaining and activity rooms such as dining areas, eat-in kitchen areas, or outdoor eating areas.


$2,800 + tax

Bedroom E-Design service is ideal for principal bedrooms, childrens bedrooms, nurseries, or guest bedrooms.


$2,800 + tax

Kitchen E-Design service is ideal for Kitchens, Butler’s Pantry, Wok/Spice Kitchens, or Outdoor Kitchens. This service is our jam!


$2,800 + tax

Bathroom E-Design service is ideal for Master Bathrooms (4-5pc), Family Bathrooms (3-4pc), or Powder Rooms (2pc).


$2,800 + tax

Other Room E-Design service is ideal for Entertaining Bars, Walk-in Closet, Laundry Rooms, Home office, or Hobby Rooms.


$150 + tax

A 30 minute Zoom Video Design Consultation where Corey will assess and provide advice for design problems you’re stuck on with.


$300 + tax

A 60 minute Zoom Video Design Consultation where Corey can help you with space planning, colours, and more online.

Service Offerings (16).png

$900 + tax

Add-on for an existing room service includes Lighting, Electrical, Plumbing, and HVAC planning. Ideal for kitchens or bath e-design rooms.

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+ What is E-Design?

E-design, or online/virtual interior design, is an accessable and affordable design service for self-implementing or remote Clients who want to work with a professional interior designer but may have parameters or conditions that limit them from our Full-Services or Designer Concierge services.

+ Are there face-to-face meetings with E-Design?

E-design is offered at an affordable price and there are restrictions that come with these services, one such restriction is the elimination of face-to-face meetings, site meetings, order management, and on-site installation monitoring.

During the e-design process, you will be able to communicate with us using our Client Portal by using Messages and the features within. If you are not comfortable working in the world of digital enviroment(s), then e-design is not a service for you.

+ How do you source and select products for E-Design?

Product sourcing for e-design is done using online retailers where you can purchase direct.

If you are considering purchasing a product from a local retailer that does not have an up-to-date website (this happens in remote areas) then we are not able to accurate source and select the product without you providing us with the product cut sheets, material availablity, and dimensional sizes of the item(s).

+ How do you handle product purchases for E-Design?

All purchases with e-design are done on your own. You are completely responsible for the entire ordering, managment, delivery, assembly and installation process.

+ What happens if I find an alternate product on sale instead?

With E-design services, you are free to swap alternate products on your own as you need.

Before doing this, we want to remind you that you paid for our expertise and this includes size, scale, shape, fit, colour, finish, and durablity based upon parameters you provide us. Swapping out products for other products may be easy, but it may also mean that our recommendations to you may not provide the same cohesive look as we planned.

+ What if I have more than 1 room I want to complete by E-Design?

If you have a room that you fell that does not fit into the standard E-Design services listed, you can book a Discovery Call and we can build you a customized E-Design service. We are open to all options!