- Go out with an Interior Designer when you need one.

We start as little at $500 for 2 hours of design or colour consultation work, but our Designer For A Day services are the most popular.

about this service

These services are built for the self-implementing Client. Each service designed suit each homeowners style, budget, and schedule - consider us your personal Concierge. Modern technology allows us to deliver our services to you in-person within Metro Vancouver. Designer On-Call services offer a one-time fee for our expertise within a variety of project scope and budget ranges starting at $10,000.

project considerations

If your home is undergoing construction, a whole or partial renovation, extensive modification to the mechanical workings, or otherwise requires that we meet with Architectural Technologists and qualified Contractors under a building permit, then you are actually a Full-Service Interior Design Client.


$500 + tax

Stackable interior colour & design consultation or shopping to gain aesthetic direction. Includes Questionnaire, Client Project Planner e-book & travel included.


$995 + tax

A day of intensive design with a real expert to styling any type of room. Includes lunch (on us), Site Measure Guide, Client Project Planner e-Book & travel.


$1,950 + Tax

An enhanced Designer For A Day service. Includes lunch (on us), a 2D layout, 3D views, 1 Video Call follow-up, Client Project Planner e-Book & travel.

Service Offerings (17).png

$1,500 + TAX

Works well with shopping for furniture, selecting finishes for one room, or designing a feature wall like a fireplace or built-ins in a storage area.


$3,000 + tax

Works well with interior finish selections, 3D model plans for 1 floor re-design, space planning, and shopping. Stackable with other packages/blocks of hours.


$4,500 + tax

Works well with kitchens >=150 sf, 3-pc baths or one room design, completed product list, scope of work & design plans to use with a Contractor.


+ What is Designer On-Call?

This service is for those Clients that aren't full-service but they aren't base-level either. These services are the most popular services we offer in set blocks or deliverables and usually completed on shorter timelines. They all completed by the same interior design team as full-service projects but if you're doing an extensive renovation or new build then this isn't for you because you're a full-service Client.

+ How can I use a Design Consultation?

Design Consultations in the Designer On-Call services offer you a 2 hour face-to-face meeting to cover whatever design ideas or concerns that you like. It is really a great way for homeowners to avoid costly design errors. Here are some examples:

  • Meet with us in your home about your bathroom materials, just to make sure the design and layout will work with what you want to do.
  • Shop with us for 2 hours at a retail showroom to pull a room all together.
  • Review a kitchen design with us (our zone of genious) and we will use tracing paper and a red-marker to make notes and renditions.

During the Design Consultation, we will take written notes about our discussion and they are yours to keep. It is worthy to note that there is zero follow-up or additional time included and remaining time does not roll-over and unused time is not credited/adjusted.

+ Can I stack Designer On-Call services together?

Absolutley you can stack Design Consultation and Blocks of Hours together with each other.

A great example of this is if you are building a new home and want to manage all the finishes, layouts, and materials on your own but would really benefit from our expert advice and recommendations. We are happy to help you through by booking 3 to 4 Design Consultations at their regular rate. We will drive to you and work with you, however it is your responsiblity to take notes about our consultation because this service does not provide any follow-up.

+ When can I schedule Designer On-Call appointments?

We offer you a self-booking software in your Studio Portal.

The majority of Designer On-Call appointments are available Tuesday to Thursday from 10am to 6pm. Once purchased, you'll be able to book appointments during our available dates and times that suit your schedule.

+ How long will Designer On-Call services take?

Each service will vary in time, but generally these services are completed anywhere within 7 to 45 days. It all depends on the services you select and the design work needed.

+ What is the fee structure for Designer On-Call services?

All Designer On-Call services are paid up-front before any design work can begin. You're probably asking how can you be sure we're the right fit, right? Well, that's why we offer you a free Discovery Call first.

Please keep in mind that each service has limitations and exclusions. If we become involved in additional services or revisions that are not included, then hourly billing will apply.

+ How do you handle product purchasing?

For Designer On-Call services, all retail purchases are made on your own. You are responsible for making sure it fits through the door before buying it, payment processing, managing the delivery, installation, assembly and warranty with the supplier/vendor.

If you elect and we agreed to sell you with our available designer-only products like furniture, window coverings and accessories, then we include order management, scheduling, white-glove delivery, assembly and finished room styling. Our prices are very reasonable against other retailers that focus on only their products. Many of our products are to-the-trade only, meaning they are customized or modified and not available at retailers.

It's worth noting that if you purchase products on your own and we become involved in the purchase at your request that we will bill you our current hourly rate.

+ What are the payment methods for Designer On-Call services?

All services are paid by credit card up-front. We do not accept cash, cheques, or PayPal for Designer On-Call services because they are efficient and already discounted by eliminating full-service type of transactions.

Our savings on paperwork and other transactions is a savings for you with exclusive access to your own Studio Portal.