Designer For A Day

$1,800 incl. 5% G.S.T.

Gaining the benefit of an experience of Corey, an award-winning designer, his Designer For A Day styling service allows you to focus on 2 rooms within 6 hours of personal one-on-one time (plus lunch.) This works for all types of rooms and focuses on visiting local showrooms.


  • Self-completed questionnaire + instructions

  • Meet at your home for 1 hour and review the 2 rooms.

  • During our 1 hour lunch, we discuss suggestions / recommendations.

  • The 3 hours are spent with Corey shopping at selected retail / supplier showrooms.

Our day starts at 10a and finishes at 4p. Within 1 week, you will receive a plan of what do to and have a list of furniture options we reviewed together.