Are you a Designer Concierge Client?

Designer Concierge services are ideal for do-it-yourself Clients who want a polished designer look and will manage the logistics and ordering of the project on their own or work with a qualified Contractor. Each of our Designer Concierge services are self-implemented and designed suit each homeowners style, budget, and schedule. Modern technology allows us to deliver our services to you in-person within Metro Vancouver or exclusively online.

Designer Concierge services offer a one-time fee for our expertise within a variety of project scope and budget ranges starting at $10,000. If your home is undergoing construction, a whole or partial renovation, extensive modification to the mechanical workings, or otherwise requires that we meet with Architectural Technologists and qualified Contractors under a building permit, then you are actually a Full-Service Interior Design Client.

HERE IS HOW Designer Concierge WORKS:

1. Discover

The first step is to review the available Designer Concierge services by clicking thru, depending on your need. From there, you can book a free Discovery Call with Corey and review your needs and understand the process better. Corey will email you recommendations based upon your conversation and you will select and purchase the service to get started. This is generally about 1 - 2 weeks for most Clients.

2. Direction

Once purchased, you will review your instructions, read the digital assets we provide you and complete your Questionnaire. From there, you will upload 5 - 10 inspiration images per room, complete the measure using our site-measure instructions, then book your meeting (if applicable.) This is generally about 1 week for most Clients.

3. Design

This step will vary, depending on the Designer Concierge service you purchase. Included deliverables here may be completing a shopping list, visiting showrooms together, or developing concept layouts and view for you to best understand the design. This is generally about 2 - 4 weeks for most Clients, but may be a short as 1 week.

4. Deliver

Once we have your feedback and product revision flags, we will finalize the design plans for your Designer Concierge service. These plans will be added to your Deliverables for approval. From here, you may print your complete design package or download it to share with your Contractor or implement on your own. Duration of this step will vary depending on complexity and delivery.


designer concierge services


$14.95 + tax

Corey's shares real experiences of completing hundreds of projects in 8 years. This ebook provides homeowners with real tools and resources that will elevate their success in completing all types of design projects.


$595 + tax

Stackable interior colour & design consultation or shopping to gain aesthetic direction. Includes Questionnaire, Client Project Planner e-book & travel in Metro Vancouver.


$1,600 + tax

A day of design with an expert for styling, kitchens, or baths. Includes lunch, shopping list, 3D’s of the room, Client Project Planner e-Book & travel in Metro Vancouver.


$3,000 + tax

Works well with interior finish selections, 3D model plans for 1 floor re-design, space planning, and shopping for cohesive designs. Stackable with other packages/blocks of hours.


$4,500 + tax

Works well with a kitchen up to 150 sf, guest baths or one room design with a day of shopping, completed product list, scope of work & design plans to use with a Contractor.


$6,000 + tax

Works well with a kitchen up to 250 sf, master bath or great room design with a day of shopping, completed product list, scope of work & design plans to use with a Contractor.


Important Details to Cover

Free Design Advice is Expensive!

In an industry where "free" design advice is solicited by retailers in-store with commission incentives, the sales associates do not focus on your needs. Online advertising, reality television networks, news segments, and bloggers without experience seem to “expertly” dish out recommendations that are catchy and appealing.

built for implementing on your own

We are real experts with boots-on-the-ground experience providing you with tangible, practical, and realistic solutions that align to your personal goals. The focus of our Designer Concierge services is to help homeowners with inspiration, design, expert advice, and solutions that can be implemented on their own or with Contractors.


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