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We know that Full-Service Interior Design isn't for everyone and that's why we developed paired-down online design packages. Choose what you need and still receive expert solutions from a Professional Design Team.


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Packaged Design Express services.

Purpose-built and streamlined, our online design packages are easy to follow, professional quality, and provide realistic implementation strategies for homeowners and their general contractors. All prices are charged per room and based on a 30 day turn around.


Core Kitchen & Bath

Cultivate food & wellness. Solve challenging layouts with lack of storage and functional planning. Address universal access. Select plumbing fixtures, lighting, appliances, cabinetry and all and decor materials local to you.

$4,800 + 5% G.S.T.

Core Livingspace

Foster a richer environment. Plan your living or dining room, family room, or bedroom online with us. Resolve activity zones, furniture planning and task lighting challenges. Select furniture and decor materials local to you.

$2,800 + 5% G.S.T.

Core Workspace

Boost your productivity. Work with us to plan and design your home office or single-user office space. Resolve work zones, furniture, lighting, workstations, customer interaction & branding. Select furniture and decor materials local to you.

$2,000 + 5% G.S.T.


But wait, there's more!

customize your own Design Express package

If you have multiple rooms, a whole-home or condominium that you want to design and plan, consider a customized package as the best strategy. Build your own package with the rooms you need to design. Simply request a custom quote by answering a few additional questions in the form below. We'll get back to you in about 2-3 business days.



Why offer online design services?

Some clients are much more technological savvy and willing to partake in the process if it means saving costs on design fees and maximizing the project budget on product. The common misconception is that online design is decorating - it is not. Our Design Express services are just as personal and professional as full-service design projects.

Who does the design work?

Depending on our workload, the concepts are produced in our think-tank process with all hands on deck. The tiny details would be completed by the entire Design Team at different steps in the process.

Why are you better than the other online design services?

Simple: we will not compromise the design process, we only streamline it. We've worked in the trenches and earned our designer-chops. We provide real expert design skills, experience, knowledge, and planning.

How will you know our tastes/style?

All of our projects include our 40-page Client Project Planner and it is extremely comprehensive. On top of that, you'll upload photographs of your existing space and add inspiration images for each room so we can see what style or details you like and tailor the design to you.

Can you work with my existing furniture?

If that's what you need, of course!

When will the finished package be ready?

Typically design packages are completed in under 30 days, workload permitting. If you're concerned about timeline, it's best to contact us before you purchase.

Why do we charge up-front?

Design Express is fast and thorough. Consider that the valuable services we provide are on the same scale as a high-end television, computer, or vacation.