Our Design Express Packages are condensed, streamlined, and value-engineered for all types of projects. Blending homework assignments and the experience of a Professional Design Team balances budget-friendly projects and a stunning spaced designed, decorated, and documented with shopping lists, drawings, and easy to print packages.


How it works

We work in a lot of larger projects. Using that expertise and skill, we boiled-down our Design Express services down to 3 essential steps. With homework for you to complete before we begin, we pre-schedule a start date with your payment. Being able to make quick decisions is essential because the production timeline is condensed into 30 days.



It starts by purchasing the Design Express Package right for you. Download the Site Measure Guide, complete the exercises, and fill out our Questionnaire. We recommend you allow 3-5 days in your schedule for this phase, and ensure that all key players are involved.



In 2 weeks, we'll upload 2 layout solutions for your space to choose from. You'll also receive preliminary product selections to review and approve. Any revisions or changes to the design solution are addressed here. We recommend approvals within 3 days to keep us on track.



We prepare all the drawings and documents selected within the design package. They may include a floor plan, 3D's in colour, interior elevations, and/or a Power & Lighting plan. We recommend another 2 weeks to finalize so that you can approve it, print it and build it!



Why Should I Use Design Express Vs. Full-Service?

Design Express is as personal and professional service just like our full-service design projects except that we won't meet face-to-face, have video conferences, or speak on the telephone. Types of projects we can handle are non-structural changes that do not require building permit submissions. Some clients are much more technological savvy and willing to partake in the process if it means saving costs on design fees and maximizing the project budget on product purchasing.

The common misconception is that online design is decorating - it is not. It is a professional design service performed by us in Vancouver, BC and we are an established, reputable, and qualified design team.

How Is Design Express Budget Friendly?

Simple: we strip away costly parts of the design process, such as design meetings, site meetings, construction reviews, ordering and management plus we continue to provide you with a plan to execute the design.

A well-designed and specified design package saves every homeowner time and money.

Why Is CKID's Design Express Different Than Other Design Firms?

Where should we start? Hiring an interior designer can be a confusing part of the design process and we make it easy by explaining what you will receive, how long it will take, and how much it will cost.

How Will We Know Your Tastes / Style?

All of our projects come prepared with a detailed Questionnaire per space. Once you have completed the measurements using our Site Measure Kit, you select your style, describe your tastes and needs, upload photographs of your inspiration images for each room so we can see what style or details you like. We then tailor the design to fit you and your style.

How Will I Contact My Designer?

Easy. Our Online Studio has a built-in messaging function where you'll communicate back and forth.

Everything you need is inside our Online Studio.