client portal help

It is very important to us that conversations about your project happen inside your design project. We do not want information to be missed or omitted because errors + hunting for information takes more time + increases our flat-design-fees.

+ Email invite & password

We usually set up your account for you. You will receive an email from "mystudio[at]mydomastudio[dot]com" with your log-in and password. Please check your spam folders and mark this email as safe and add to your corporate white-list if required.

+ Quickly log-in

To bookmark the Studio, type on your keyboard and configure your browser or navigate to the URL and we made that pretty easy.

+ Updateing your account settings

Using the anamorphic figure in the top right, you can change your notification settings, update your address, telephone number, and change your password.

+ Forgot your password

Navigate to the URL and select "Forgot password" under the sign-in button.

+ The 'Dashboard'

Once logging in you will be on your Dashboard. You will see quick links to projects, latest messages, invoices to pay, the message icon, and personal settings.

+ The 'Project' level

Your Project is the top level and may contain one or multiple spaces inside, depending on if we have phased your design work. Think of the Project as the city and the Space as different homes inside the city.

At the Project level you will see Project Info, Invoices & payments, and our Contract with you. We also generally send all Messages at this level for ease of use.

+ The 'Space' level

Each Project contains Spaces that have Info (about the space), Questionnaire, Notes (and checklists), Estimates & Proposals, Products, Deliverables (Drawings and 3Ds) and a Mood Board. This will generally be listed as your project's site address or by room name in phases.

+ Messages

You access your Messages by using the chat icon and a window overlay will open. Messages are sent from both the project level and space level. If we are working on a large project with you (as in, it is unlikely that there are other phases for this project) we prefer to message this top level. If we are working in multiple phases, we will message underneath each space. You will be able to view the different.

+ Accepting our Contract

The Contract can be found in the main Project section beneath the “Project Info” tab. To access this menu, you will need to click on the main Project title. If you are working in a Space and want to get back to this menu, you can click on the name of the project on the top of the project menu.

To accept this Contract, you will need to click “Accept Contract” and enter your name and log-in email address. If there are two contacts assigned to the Project, such as a partner or spouse, they will also need to accept.

+ Reviewing Invoices & paying them

You will may all payments for your Project (products and services) via our Online Design Studio. Each payment will have an invoice attached to it so you can download it for your records. Payments are processed by Stripe and subject to their Terms & Conditions. You can find more about that here.

+ Uploading images & files

From within your Space, you can communicate ideas, measure files, or inspiration images with us by uploading documents and images. File sizes are limited to a maximum of 10MB and 6 files and Measures accept a variety of file types including documents, spreadsheets and AutoCAD files.

If you can not locate the "Add Image" or "Add Files" tool, we have not turned this feature on for you. Please contact us to have it made available.

+ Flagging Products

Products are accessed from within a Space. In order to finalize design plans, we'll ask you to approve the Products list. If you prefer to revise an item, please click on the red flag, select your reason, then click “Revise Product” and we will receive a notification.

+ Notes & checklists

You may also notice from time to time that we has added checklists in your Notes within a Space. Sometimes these are viewed and editable by you, sometimes just viewable. If there’s a little pencil icon at the top of the note, it means it is available for you to check off or make edits to. If there is no pencil icon, it means you can view only.

+ Printing your Project

Printing is available at the Space level. If you would like to print/save a PDF copy of your Project click on the "Print View" button in the top right corner of the page when in a Space. You have the option to select what you want to print (or save as a pdf.) Once you’ve selected which sections you’d like, click on the Print button and select a printer or “Save as PDF” or send directly to the printer you have set up.