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The world of interior design is much more than pretty pictures and fabrics. This career is technical, focused on user safety and wellness, requires intense interpersonal skills, and follows our bylaws and codes quite strictly all while being able to design a stunning space. Corey believes in hard work and certification paths, but he also knows it's incredibly rewarding and positive to be able to provide a space to mentor, grow and learn (laugh a lot too) about how people navigate spacial relationships, textures, and colour. Does that professional environment resonate with you?



Corey Klassen Interior Design is seeking a bookkeeper that is a consultant with their own other client work. To be clear, we have a CMA working with us already and our need is for the month-to-month reconciliations, PST prep, GST verification, reporting, and filing. We have about 20 to 50 transactions per month. For us, it's an issue with capacity and lack of interest, but financial transactions have to be sexy to someone out there with their CBP certification.

We use Quickbooks, it auto-uploads, but please don't even think about switching us to Xero or whatever. We can upload all our receipts into a cloud-based folder so you never really have to see us.

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