What is Built-to-order Cabinetry?

Corey Klassen Interior Design plans, supplies, and installs all of our projects with built-to-order cabinetry that is manufactured locally in the Lower Mainland from a reputable cabinet manufacturer. Our ongoing relationship with them ensures that you are provided the right fit, quality, and standard that exceeds the big-box store basic case.

Our built-to-order cabinetry follows the european frameless casework standard, meaning the doors and drawers are a full-overlay over the case and are not inset. The case construction is a minimum 5/8” thick gables with optional upgrades to prefinished birch plywood, walnut, or even other materials. Drawer boxes come in a variety of options and are built to match the interior. The drawer glides and cabinet door hinges are european concealed. There are hundreds of door-style and finish options to customize your design aesthetic. All of the cabinetry we provide for our projects has a minimum manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.






Cabinet cases vary in finish, size, use and construction. Any room - including walk-in closets and outdoor kitchens - have some kind of cabinetry. All projects receive an installation package with full details.



There are multiple ways to achieve the design aesthetic you want, but doorstyle is critical to the result. From finger pulls, channels, highly ornate, to decorative glass inserts, we have done it (and have it) all.



Each of our projects will include a selection and supply of cabinet decorative hardware. In the range of $5 to $1000 a piece, the styles, aesthetic, and materials available result in a completely curated design.


functional accessories

Base, wall, and tall cabinet solutions include pull-outs and functional accessories that increase access to storage. They are moderately priced and come pre-installed in each cabinet.


trash + organics ORGANIZATION

Trash, recycling, and organics separation is critical to every kitchen’s success. Each of our cooking spaces carefully plan the workflow and placement. We have a lot of options to manage your waste!


lifestyle solutions

Did you say wall-bed? Yes, we design, supply, and install wall-bed systems and other multi-functional lifestyle solutions. These top-end products are solid, well-designed, and provide durable use.



about cabinets, use and care

Cabinets are made from wood, a natural product that has natural imperfections. Wood door-styles and finishes will vary from door to door and painted finishes still have wood underneath. The most common misconception about cabinetry is that it is bullet-proof and this couldn’t be further from the truth. Anything can damage a cabinet: water, moisture from a kettle, household cleaners, even fingernails and belt-buckles can damage a cabinet. What’s most important to remember is that every part of a cabinet (or design, for that matter) is going to be managed or touched by a human being so there are bound to be imperfections and normal use.


about Orders, delivery & installation

Cabinetry needs 6 to 12 weeks to manufacture from order to delivery in advance of design time we take careful attention to with you. You and your Contractor must be able to communicate project timelines and goals with us and orders are confirmed once rough-in framing is finalized. Once ready, each order requires a 75% deposit to place the order and the balance is due 5 days before delivery. The work we do is customized, meaning it is not refundable and we are firm on no changes being allowed once approved and ordered by you. The job-site must be ready for delivery and our qualified cabinet installers work with us to prepare for counter measure and completion.