Contract Documents: What are they?

Many home and business owners know that their interior designer will do drafting and drawings for the project, but they do not really understand how important they are. There are two important sets of documents that the interior designer must produce for a construction project and these documents then become a legal contract between the Client and the Contractor.

About Contract Documents

The two important documents the interior designer will produce are Construction Drawings and Technical Specifications. The specifications and the drawings are complementary to each other.

Construction Drawings

Construction Drawings will contain size requirements, thicknesses, and components for plan views, interior elevations, sections, details and table-format schedules calling out symbols. Floor Plans include a list of types like Construction Plan, Demolition Plan, Power and Telephone Plans, Finish Schedules and Plans, Furniture Plans, and Site Plans. A Reflected Ceiling Plan is a different type of plan that shows ceiling details, lighting, sprinklers, changes in ceiling heights, speakers and access panels, switching, and crown moulding. Elevations are a vertical view that is straight-on containing the configuration of finishes, materials, built-in cabinets, wall-mounted equipment, and dimensions. Many interior design firms under-dimension plans and elevations causing confusion and duplication of work, while a interior designer trained in kitchen & bath design will fully-dimension all fixed objects that are to be installed.


While the drawings show the general configuration of the spaces and the layouts, the specifications describe the materials, installation methods, level of workmanship required and the general requirements for the execution of the construction work. In some cases, the specification may be placed on the drawings for convenience while in other cases the specifications may accompany the construction drawings. Furniture specifications are entirely different that this topic.

If there is a conflict between the drawing and the spec., the specification takes precedence.

Our Level of Detail

Below you’ll find the level of detail that we provide for our interior design projects. These images are examples of one project, Esplanade, that was an extensive renovation of a condominium.