Top 5 Reasons to Hire A Certified Design Professional

1. To avoid common, and costly, mistakes

As a home or business owner, it’s easy to make mistakes in the interior design process and project. While you can learn from them, these mistakes are costly because someone has to correct them. In some cases, the mistakes may be so costly that you may not be able to correct them.

The key is to hire a Certified Design Professional that is familiar with your type of project. For example, if you are renovating a condominium, you may not want to hire a design/build firm that primarily does new home builds because they won’t be as familiar with Strata-type rules, permit applications, or the limitations the site may have hidden behind walls.

Hiring a Certified Design Professional at the outset of a project is the best insurance policy for your project.

2. Not Everything You Like Will Work Together

A common misunderstanding about the interior design process is that Certified Design Professionals are decorators. As a qualified professional, we have the knowledge and experience with a variety of materials, finishes, and products. We all love to go down a deep-dive in Pinterest, but it is critical to understand that not everything that you like will look good together, work well together, or can be installed in your project due to other project parameters or building code. This is where a Certified Design Professional can help you bring your vision to light, and even produce a result that is more than you’d expect.

3. To Produce Qualified Contract Documents

This is the most important skill a Certified Design Professional brings to the table for a home or business owner. Interior Design as a profession is an applied science, which really means there are variables in everything and nothing is a static object or opinion. A critical part of the field of study is to provide construction drawings to a quality that requires minimal interpretation or follow-up. Combine the construction drawings with specifications and this formulates the Contract Document package.

4. To Minimize Your Risk As An Owner

Contract Documents we mentioned above must be followed exactly by the builder or contractor. Making changes or modifications to the construction drawings or specifications without the Certified Design Professionals’ knowledge is a breach of that contract. Therefore, if a site limitation is found and the drawing sheet must be updated to reflect a new solution, the Certified Design Professional would be engaged again to perform the work.

Contract Documents stand in for the home or business owners express wishes and direction while a project is being constructed or built.

5. Have An Advocate Through The Whole Design-Build Process

For some, their Certified Design Professional is a secret and they could never do the work without them. For others, the Certified Design Professional is a professional service provider to help accomplish a project as a one-time deal. Both methods are acceptable, but a real Certified Design Professional will get down to brass tacks and uncover your hidden mysteries and desires, create a solution that addresses the needs, and then build a beautiful design aesthetic around them.