Hiring The Right Certified Design Professional

These days, and expert is really only defined by someone who has made the same mistake twice before you. There are no qualifications to be an expert or say that you are an expert. In the interior design industry, there are many who claim to be an interior designer but do not have the education and experience to back it up. Seeing as how anyone can hang a single and call themselves an interior designer, this makes it difficult to filter through who is qualified and who is not.

Types of Certified Design Professionals

Below is a table of the types of Certified Design Professionals and their requirements.

Interior Decorator Associate Kitchen & Bath Designer Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Desigenr Certified Interior Designer
Appelation Use DDA Accredited AKBD CKBD CMKBD NCIDQ
Issued by Decorators & Designers Association of Canada National Kitchen & Bath Association Council for Interior Design Qualification
Dues $350/yr $100/yr $75/yr
Timeframe 1 yr. Certificate 30 Hours 60 Hours 90 Hours 2 yr. Diploma in Interior Design Bachelors Degree in Interior Design
NKBA Hours are approved education in Interior Design or delivered by the NKBA directly.
Equivilancy - 2 yr. Diploma Bachelors Degree Masters Degree
Hours of Experience None 3,840 9,600 13,440 5,280 Sponsored 3,520 Sponsored
Experience Only Option Available Yes No
Examination No Academic AKBD + Acedemic + Practical CKBD + 40 Evidence-Based Requirements 2 Academic + Practical
Continuing Education
Required Yes Yes Yes
Units 5 20 10
Cycle Annual Bi-Annual Bi-Annual
Volunteerism No No No Required No
Required No No No

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