WE WON WHAT, EXACTLY? "Top 30" firm in Vancouver means zilch

Stock photo under Creative Commons

Stock photo under Creative Commons

An Open Letter to Point2:

Yesterday we were "awarded" 30 Best Interior Design Companies in Vancouver by a company called Point2. I say "awarded" because there was no entry, judging, or qualification by the non-partnered company. I'll admit was suspect. Who is this company? How are the candidates selected? Who is in a qualified position to make a determination and write it on the interwebs?

I asked a realtor friend of mine if they knew this firm, nothing. I looked for a contact, other than the email, to validate the publication, nothing. And after digging a little further, I found some fundamental flaws that I need to fact-check:

  1. Point2 is a marketing company  - and for realtors. Realtors facilitate the sale and brokerage of real property and they are not associated with the interior design industry.
  2. There was no nominating committee - One person did a Google search and formed an opinion.
  3. There was no jury - The same person who did the Google search wrote up some verbs and nouns, hit post.
  4. They infringe copyright and broke the law - They used our photo without permission from the photographer. This is copyright infringement and against the law.
  5. The regional area is not accurate - Some of the firms listed are not in the City of Vancouver at all; they are in the surrounding area. One company is in a foreign country across the border.
  6. They used before photos - Some of images - after running into a professional colleague that same morning - aren't even of designed projects and are before photos.
  7. There was no journalism - No one from the company contacted my company for a media inquiry.

As much as it is nice to be given something, it is the validity of the gift that suspect and misaligned. Therefore, I request that Point2 remove my company from the list, and, in fact, to pull the posting and issue a public apology for misinforming and dissuading the public with false and misleading information. Immediately.

Yours Truly;


UPDATED DECEMBER 6, 2016 - After receiving an email (still no telephone call) from the Communications Strategist at Point2, they have removed our "listing" - as they call it - and outlined that we are one of the most-searched interior design firms in the Vancouver area.

They went on to explain how their methodology and algorithm selected the other Top 30's, however I offer up this nugget:

Any company can compile a list of the most searched anything and offer up resources to their end-readers; however, it does not exempt Point2 from publishing our work without permission or inquiring if their branded media strategy aligns with our business goals. The list used photography obtained illegally, presumptuous of them to assume, and issued without any authority.

We are appreciative that our company was removed from the list, yet the list still remains published and we will continue to be a voice of professionalism and ethics for our Team, Clients, and industry.