Upcoming: IDSWest Trade Day and Caesarstone Stage



Rent My Brain, Reduce the Pain™

Friday 4:30pm @ MIELE TRADE DAY

IT'S BACK! This time it's all about making the gain and determining your value! Wether it is priced by flat fee, hourly, or square foot, Judith Neary, CMKBD and I will walk you through the nuts and bolts of how to really make this work. Register now before September 4th.

Wellness in Design


Wellness Design is a balanced approached to blending socio-economics with interior design, sustainable design and universal design. Take a walk with me during an interesting topic that is often missed and overlooked and how to integrate small steps to harness the quality of your lifestyle and health.

After Glow: New Interwebs Home

Also, in addition to a physical studio location, welcome to our new website!! Such a labour of love and months in the making, here it is in all it's glory.