Work in Print: Tricks of the Trade in @Gray_Magazine


A few months back, Gray Magazine & Tracey Anton shot our Kitsilano Point project before it became a triple-crown winner. We designed this space with an amazing client and Fifth Element Construction & Renovation Ltd. built it to perfection. It's a small space, 603 sq. ft., and a very small kitchen and bath room, and in addition to the three awards this project has won, we're happy to see it in print. (Okay, I bought all the copies in the West End already. Sorry about that.) Gray Magazine Issue No. 20

The biggest question you're probably going to ask is what is the budget for this project? I'm not going to tell you because every job is different. But here's the big design secret: It was easy to do because we had a great client and a great build team; everyone worked in concert like a beautiful symphony.

If you're wondering what kind of design firm I've created, how we work with our clients, or the details that we can pull together for you, I urge you to pick up a copy and read the article - heck, read the issue because it's actually amazing. CLICK HERE for the ISSUU URL.

COMMENT BELOW if you have any questions! Comments are free, but, ironically, the answers may cost you.