Oh Brother. Where to I begin.


It's completely my own fault, but holy crap has it been an incredibly busy month. You can't blame me, it's been a banner year thus far and growth is better than none. In between all of this goings on and projects, the studio was installed, espresso machine broke down, iPhone kicked the bucket, and vehicle was broken into. So, I think I'm over the three's of bad things... I hope. There was San Antonio mid-month with the NKBA (wish I could rename it to "Notably Kindred Blessed Association") for Chapter Representative "Train the Trainer" sessions and my brain is still full. Some pictures will never be shared but this one was hard enough to take in the midst of iPhone hell.

Wet, cold, made it happen! #Alamo A photo posted by Corey Klassen, CKD, CBD (@coreyklassen) on

Then this gem of Interior Design Master Class happened this week.

Next up? Our NKBA B.C. Chapter's Winter Wonderland Party - just in time for the cold weather.