How to hire a design professional: why @kimberleyseldon is right.


Every single day, I sit at my desk, in my car, or at a clients project site and wonder what more could I be doing to better educate the public about the truths of this service industry we are in. Design is a business first, creativity second, and it is so hard to navigate and find ones way. Thankfully, designer warriors like Kimberley Seldon come to the rescue of the masses. If you don't know Kimberley, she had a show when I was a fledgling creative, and believe me, I watched it religiously. I won't mention how old I was in fear of revealing her own age, but it was pre-Trading Spaces.

But first, to lay the framework, you should watch this segment from Global BC from Saturday with Kimberley:

Next, allow us to speak to you from the Corey Klassen Interior Design point of view.

Word of Mouth Referral

We have those, we can get you those numbers to call if you ask us. You can also check out our reviews from Houzz.

Professional Contract

We prefer to call it an agreement, but our Residential Design Agreement runs through which rooms we are working in, the concept (in words), and the phases of design WITH an itemized list of what work we will be doing for you. We also have a section on Client Deliverables of what we need from you, as well as a Positive Experience Statement to set the tone.

We don't go ahead with any work without a signed contract.


We work in flat fees based upon the phases we're current working on, with anything outside of that being Additional Services. Just like you don't like getting invoices, we think it's counter productive to the overall experience to send bi-monthly invoices. Our flat fees are inclusive of the rooms we're working developing as outlined in the Agreement. Yes, there is an initial deposit, or retainer, but we're pretty clear with you on the how and why the steps are what they are.


We work in a collaborative Joint-Contract environment, meaning the General Contractor has their agreement with you for all the work behind the drywall and we have a an agreement with you to make sure the project is administered well with constant site inspections. We also sell you cabinetry and/or countertops, decorative lighting, some plumbing fixtures, and then the soft-furnishings. We cover those warranties for you.

We are also FULLY INSURED for structural services and our WORKSAFEBC up to date.

Creative Vision

We like pretty much everything, but our aesthetic leans to the kitchen and bathroom end of things where the two most expensive areas, and the most used areas, of your home need to blend seamlessly from one space to another. We want cohesive spaces.

There you have it: why working with CKID is going to be easy for you and all our teams of collaborators.