It's a good day to be...


20140802-100039-36039253.jpg Alright, here it goes: As this thirty-eight year comes to an end in a few hours, I could not be happier where things are for me professionally and building this little firm. I started with a passion and the passion just keeps growing and growing. I have a huge gratitude list for the past year, notably Veronika Miller from Modeus, DXV by American Standard, and the NKBA. I could not have done anything I do without my amazing collaborators and clients. Cheers to you all!!! With all the professional growth, there has been some intense shift personally. Working this hard puts a strain on personal relationships and I have been occupied by my passion so much that I haven't had the time or energy. The critical relationships always pop up when you need them and I could not have made it through the day yesterday without this guy, some call him my life partner, the government calls him my common-law spouse, Jason. We have grown a lot in the last year, sometimes grown apart, but the tides have turned and things have shifted.

My goals for my upcoming XXXX are to hone, or skilfully tame, this craft of hybrid professional paths I'm on. I look forward to seeing where this thing goes because I really, really love it. I look forward to the 3 CEU courses I've developed because I think they're pretty cool and people need to know more about them. I have been "running" but not with my feet on the ground, so that is going to happen again and I'm strong enough to do it again.

All in all, it's a good day to be the birthday boy.