Over at #KitsPoint, Important Decisions Were Made


It's not very often these days that a client can be open and receptive to the idea of design but when their a fellow geek it makes explaining the rational easier. Such is this GORGEOUS project. We're keeping some of the layout the same in this wood-frame condo, but we are actually adding a Walk-in Closet, removing walls, keeping the fir parquet flooring, and, well, pretty much only the entry door and the partition wall to the bedroom is staying. Client is adding this gem from Resource Furniture:


And here is the finish scheme for the kitchen:


Here is the scheme for the itty bitty bath the could:


Natural woods like  walnut and fir, deep blue like a blueberry, cloud white, brilliance brushed brass, and some amazing other hits... JUST wait for it... like CALCUTTA. Boom. Nailed it.