How to Succeed with Steam


Friends should have benefits when it comes to steam showers and I believe that an old fashioned steam helps connect us all in a much higher level. Would it not be great if we could still go to the public baths for a proper bath? We still have hot spring pools, a delight to many, and some sauna or steam showers in our private fitness clubs, but gone are the days of sharing, connecting, and business dealings in a hot, steamy, and vapoured room. It does not need to be dirty or sexual, so get your mind out of the gutter right now.

I recently met Martha "Mrs. Steam" Orellana of Mr. Steam on #BlogTourLDN and we got to talking about the benefits of steam. I was excited because I had just finished this amazing photo shoot of the Dunbar Project's Master Spa so a lot of that conversation was top of mind. I was even more excited about their recent post "Steam Bathing: A Journey Through the Ages" because I now had content to push out to the students that was supported and not just my boring slide lecture. What I am most impressed with is how Mr. Steam wants us all to succeed with steam and the article "Home Steam Showers 101" has the level of detail and communication methods that Mr. Steam is well known for. Other manufacturers do not compare.

Mr. Steam has itemized over 40 benefits of steam and you can read about them here. What about exploring Aromatherapy and Chromatherapy? The benefits are endless.

To read more about this topic, take a look at my article from Home Decor & Renovations Magazine - available on newsstands now (I Always wanted to say that.)