Wheels up: Jenn-Air Designer Forums


JennAirDesignerForm No one could be more excited than I to learn from Her Majesty, Royal Highness of Kitchen & Bath Design Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, CAPS. I, and fellow #Blogger19 and #KBISDesignerStudios designer Cheryl Kees Clendenon of Details & Design with Rhonda Knoche, CMKBD, CAPS (and more) are going to immerse ourselves in a futuristic think-tank environment and learn much much more about appliance planning. We're going to do some cooking, experiments, and clean-up and then have a round table - and that's the juicy good part.

The best part, actually the most brilliant and amazing part, about this type of sponsored event is that I have the privilege of becoming a better designer. Yes, I still have lots to learn, and I'm learning every single day, but surrounded by the experts when I still feel like a 25-year-old kid (which I am not) is pretty awesome. So, learning is what I will do to bring it back to you, my clients and peers.

And a little bird (okay, not bird, but a guru) told me one of my projects is featured in her presentation, so I'm super excited to see which one!