Excuse the mess. I'm creating.


The Snail 1953 Henri Matisse - Tate Creativity comes from interesting places. There was a time, before interior design, that I would paint anything I could get my hands on and hang it on the wall, sell it for cash, or start it all over again. I had an infatuation with boxes and suitcases, tearing them apart, painting them, and making them mine. I also went through a period where I did larger-scale paintings with mixed media.

Every morning I roll/hop/skip/jump/shuffle into my office space and I look at the mess I have created. I currently have a Blanco sink sitting in my living room (install is this coming week, thankfully), samples are a strewn every-which direction, even some product for upcoming projects are stored under my sofa. Had I mentioned that my hatch-back is full? I seem to have taken up a small spot in our parking garage as well, un-noticed as of yet by management. I'm sure that my clients appreciate that there is no grandeur in my life because that rolls down-hill quite well to their design budgets. This is downtown living; every creative inch is used.

Creativity is an ever growing and fluid process and I have always said the interior spaces allow me to work in large scale with large shapes and colours. I do not think the artist in me is dead, it is certainly not on pause, it is just transformed.

I first of all drew the snail from nature, holding it. I became aware of an unrolling, I found an image in my mind purified of the shell, then I took the scissors. - Henri Matisse

On the most granular level, taking away all the busy social and media activity, this is the way creative types work. An idea pops in, it morphs, maybe transforms, and then something comes of it. Many things rattle around in that dome of mine and it is so interesting to see what comes of it that it surprises me still. So I hope you will forgive me if I had nothing "design" to write for a bit but I do assure you that it is being written and published, just elsewhere.

Loop back when you can.