Behind the brand: Brizo.

behindthebrand_brizo It was hot and humid last week Thursday; fitting for a behind the scenes factory tour of Delta's Brizo® manufacturing facility. Somewhere in Tennessee is Jackson, home to some lovely and friendly people who work behind the glamour of it all to bring you the most intimate experience you will ever have with a faucet.

Everyone that works making you the most pleasurable faucet experience you will ever have is sincere, genuine, and really loved showing off their workplace to all eighty of us #Blogger19's. Every station has an order of operations, lists, tasks, duties, and some of them even have counters to ensure that every box has every part needed for your taps to work well. Every single person that assembles the plumbing fixtures, by hand none the less, not only understands that a faucet that is missing a piece or doesn't work like you think it should  is actually their problem too.

Courtesy Brizo

Every single part is hand-tested, checked, double checked and carefully confirmed. A lot of plumbers I work with do not like installing the touch-less faucets, and after seeing the care and detail that goes into the technology I know they are wrong. The SmartTouch® features work, and do really, really well; in fact, they are the best part of the Brizo® brand. I've now troubleshot two separate faucet "issues" and resolved them completely using what I learned about SmartTouch®.

Odin Test C_011498

Now, I'm sorry that Mother Nature took a turn during the tour and I missed seeing the PVD (physical vapour deposition) chamber firing, because this is a truly a sight not to be missed. Every single piece of your faucet is hand-buffed and textured. All the Brilliance® finishes add extreme abrasion resistance - in other words you need not be afraid to use your faucet. Ever.

Courtesy Brizo

This factory tour was massive - 250,000 square feet - and was an incredible experience that I am sure to talk about with each and every one of you for years, and years to come.