Brizo and My Tennessee Waltz; #Blogger19


I can not believe it was only four flights in four days, a whole season of Downton Abbey finished, and so many heart-wrenching and inspiring stories. It's odd that I think of an old country song when I reflect on this trip, but I don't know how else to describe this amazing reunion other than thanking Brizo for the opportunity to:

  • Visit the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Honestly, as a Canadian, I had no idea how important an institution like St. Jude is to America. That, and, the amazing research they do on rare children's diseases. Shed a few tears but inspired by the work that they do. I'm proud to report that Brizo has provided their undying support and countless dollars.
  • Listening to the plight of a family who's twin-boy was saved at St. Jude. Seeing a father choke up and cry is so humbling and makes us all realize that what we do as a profession is really just plain old BS.
  • Visit the Delta Faucet factory and see first-hand how Brizo faucets are made - with care and quality control, obviously. Even a thundershower and total darkness was not missed on this trip.
  • Connecting with the amazing, AMAZING Blogger19's who make up the Brizo alum every single year at New York Fashion Week. For instance, who knew that Lori Gilder and I are both from Winnipeg, both studied at the University of Manitoba, and are most-likely both still blonde. What about Susan Serra, whom I love dearly, and her new blonde locks? What a debut!
  • Geeking out with Eric Schimelpfenig, being called a "coffee diva", learning some new words that I dare not mention!
  • Seeing some new and innovative product and designs (can't tell you!), interacting with the Brizo design team, and really recognizing that they have the best touch technology on the market. Period.

I know, point form sucks, but this doesn't even really begin to scratch the surface...