Everyone is a critic


This is rather a reactionary post to a status update I had this past week. The situation went like this:

Certified Kitchen Designer sends preliminary drawings to Millworker for a quotation. Millworker call designer and says "We will make some changes to the design." CKD says "No you will not. You have no idea why it is designed the way it is so you will not make changes. There are reasons behind everything." Millwork backs down.

I can not speak for everyone, but I work incredibly hard at providing realistic design solutions to real design problems while maintaining an overall design aesthetic and cohesive design vision. I also work incredibly hard to provide an accurate set of construction documents because I am legally liable for the safety of the homeowner. Basically, I have critiqued the design to death and beat it down to its' raw parts and built it back up again. Truthfully, had said Millworker called me an asked questions about the design, provided some ideas and work around to what they perceived their inner manufacturing design issues to be, you can be assured that the conversation would have gone very differently. Maybe not.

Homeowners hire a professional with a certain kind of unwritten code that their chosen design professional will perform well, capture the level of detail, and provide them with a beautiful end result. We are the protectors of "design trust" of sorts, and, lets face it, when a homeowner is spending the kind of cash on a large project we need to honour and respect that trust with the highest level of dignity.

So if you happen to be a professional in the industry and you have not met the designers client(s) face-to-face, visited the job-site, or even had the slightest shred of regard for the hours of time the designer has spent with the client, then you just need to mind your beeswax.

There, I said it.