Kitchen Project Costs Revealed - Part 1

Sometimes in a designers life we look back at projects and try to understand the real costs of a project. We mostly do this for design competitions but the hard numbers are difficult to track down, and it's not for a lack of trying, but more because we honestly don't know all the hard and soft costs that go into every single project. We do look at the known facts like time and materials, but we do not look at the costs the client incurred to achieve the project like meals out, laundry mats, says overnight at a hotel, etc. So how do we come up with a budget?

Simple. Experience.

Time heals all wounds, it also tells all, and you can always misjudge it. So I figured I would try to explain in a series of articles, to the best of my designer ninja ability, the costs of some of the best before and after projects I completed in the last few years in hopes to better educate or better pacify the logic behind the design process.

Project 1 - $75,000

  • Construct a plinth, match flooring
  • Relocate some electrical, no plumbing changes, no lighting changes
  • New refrigerator and dishwasher, keep range and hood-vent
  • New cabinetry and countertops
  • New sink and faucet, hot water dispenser
  • New window valances, bench seat and accent cushions

Design challenge? Provide the client with a raised eating are to maximize the view out the window to the Fraser River.

Design failure? The distance between the sink and the range, but could not move the load-bearing walls.

Design success? The fabric scheme really pulled the whole space together because the new floor was such a deep red.

Different next time? Push the homeowner harder for recessed lighting.