Design find: Fawcett Mfg

Yet another amazing find from IDSWest12 this year. Fawcett MFG makes sustainable furniture. And before you go off on blah blah blah green design blah blah blah, no, really, they do. Here's proof (because it's not on their website):

  • The frame is make from NA enviro-harvested Columbia PureBond brand ply. Sans UF.
  • Seats, backs and arms are ARIPIC (Fair Trade) 100% natural latex rubber (Dunlop processed)
  • Enkev brand 100% wood wrap
  • Simalfa waterborne adhesives
  • Made in Victoria BC

Now, I thought it would be just boring colours and barely any prints, but I was totally surprised by their fabrics. The price is about equal to the 5-7 IKEA sofa's you'll go through in the next 10 years. So after you think about all the space those sofas take in the landfill, or in someone elses house and you had to shove it in your Mini and practically give it away, or the saggy seat cushions yet the sofa is not even 90 days old yet, perhaps you should sit on the floor and save up for one of these.

Fawcett peeps - call me and lets make whoopie.