Design Find: Mike Lam Designs

I was sauntering the show floor at IDSWest13 last weekend when I came across a pleasant surprise - a beautiful flowering plum dresser! Enter Mike Lam Design.

 The process of creation is a dialogue between Mike and the design concept.  Each step of refinement is expressed in numerous prototypes and forms.

I'll say! What's interesting about any biomorphic art, design, or furniture piece is that it is truly inspired by a whim or a fancy in an effort, or effect, to create a relationship with nature. Having practiced biomorphic art in my ceramic sculpture, I thought that I had a handle on the process, but when I stumbled upon Mike's furniture I was taken aback, dumfounded, and completely humbled by what I did not know. Now that I've crossed into a commercially viable craft of Interior Design, I am constantly astounded at how this affects me in this way.

That's not all...

True Chinoiserie takes incredible attention to nature and patience to the material selected. Mike has that.