My bad romance with Cambria

It has no secret that I have fallen in love with Cambria since being introduced to them a couple years ago. I love the colour pallet, I love the depth, and I love that it is family owned. These authentic touches make Cambria the best surface selection for any designer, but for any homeowner it is the food-safe and lifetime warranty surface that is a benefit. It is Canadian quartz, the most abundant material on earth, manufactured in Minneapolis so it takes life-cycle and sustainability to a whole new level.

I want to share with you a recent trip to the Cambria factory (and dairy farm) of the Davis family. The amazing team at Floform Countertops sponsored about 20 designer types from all across their market from Winnipeg to Vancouver/Seattle. I will warn you, there were times on this trip that I can not recall (it's the gin that starts with an "H") and there are things on this trip that nearly blew me over.

Unfortunately, there are no photos of the highly secretive manufacturing process, the amazingly clean factory floor, moulds, the mysterious mixing chamber, the 210° F oil-heated slab elevator, the scrubbing machines, or the quality control inspection area with 3 different types of lighting. All I have is a bunch of fun photos of the Designer Walk showroom in Minneapolis.

P.S. - About a month ago Vanessa and I decided to take a break from writing. We didn't publicize anything because we knew we would be back. What's our excuse? Let's just say that life happens and we were far to distracted to appreciate it let alone write about design stuff. It's about the journey, not the destination, so I'm taking back design writing but this time it will be on my terms and much less frequent.