Loving it with a Post-it Note

There is nothing like saying you love someone, but it's really awesome when you leave it in a note. There is something about memorializing your love for someone in a paper and pen form, and I'm sure it is a long way from scratchings on a cave wall, but there is this little something in our minds that connects us deeper to the object of our affections. I remember before text messaging (yes, there was a time before then) that I would leave little love notes for a certain someone that I love. I also remember receiving them, sleeping in on a day off only to wake up to a little love note by the espresso machine. Those days are always the best. Notes, and note taking in general, have become a forgotten necessity. We often leave notes to take messages down to remember something, or pass something along.  Sometimes we write things in file folders on Post-it Notes and forget about them until one day we open the folder only to be pleasantly surprised. Leaving a note doesn't always have to be about a reminder of something to do.

More recently, Post-it Notes have been used as a coping mechanism at throw-up memorials. Post-riot Vancouver (I am sorry to bring that up), Post-it Notes were being tagged to a VPD car by some of us. As a thank you for their courage and bravery. Like the image below taken on 5th Ave Apple Cube NYC just a day after the passing of Steve Jobs and we feel a fabric of connection to Post-it Notes now and it is so much so that we leave loving notes to our dearly departed.

Post-it Notes are a product of the mundane office drudgery and the masterful invention of Dr. Spencer Silver at 3M, and I don't think even Dr. Silver expected the invention to percolate it way into the subtly of our daily existence. Sadly, I do not have Post-it Notes at my design desk. I have low-adhesive drafting tape and lots of mis-printed paper. These things happen when you forget a dimension line on a construction drawing, but the paper and tape method would be replaced with the Post-it should I become perfect.