Patterns: Subway tile


Please don't un-friend me. I can't help myself. There are just so many interesting things you can do with a subway field tile! I think that backsplash details have become a lost art and it's about time that we start to re-claim them back! Consider for a moment that subway tile is not always about what is easy or inexpensive, but it is the simplicity of the pattern that is actually compelling and relaxing to our eye. Therefore, it could be hypothesized, that the old-world charm of subway tile has application in a modern kitchen.


I know that the amount of possible patterns are endless with a subway field tile, I am sure some of you pro's out there have done your share of interesting work, but for the normies there are so many patterns that are within reach already that are actually interesting. From Offset to Ashlur, here are some of the more common patterns.

Corrections: it is "Soldier Course", not "Solder Course"