Design Crush: Solna, Mosaico+, ThinkGlass

Solna Faucet, Brizo

I am SO happy that Brizo went ahead with this concept they presented to a Blogger 19 group a few years back (namely me, clearly. Thanks for the head's up, Jai!) The matte black faucet provides a slick  look, or even an authentic elegance if you will, in a style that is inspired by Swedish Contemporary. Men, love this. Women, covet this. Did I mention it comes in matte white? Available at Plumbing Fixture Dealers. (

Vetrina, Mosaico+

The best thing that happened at BuildEx this year was this tile find by Mosaico+. I love the pixelation, the graphic quality, the ability to even take a photograph and make it into a urban statement. It would be graffiti on steroids. Available at Julian Tile. (

Extro, nameless

Here's another hot item out of BuildEx (two for two at Julian Tile) and we've all seen hexagon tiles, but this larger format is newer, more vivid, more graphic. Imagine a whole bathroom done in white hexagon with one black tile [censored]. Available at Julian Tile.

Glass countertops, ThinkGlass

To be honest, if you are faint hearted and budget minded, this is not the surface for you. Retailing at about $800/sq. ft., ThinkGlass has revolutionized the glass countertop, or the idea of it, and it is catching on. I do caution that this is not an "all over" surface, but should be used to treat a really special area.

Eclectic mix

The best thing about Eclectic Style? There are no rules. The worth thing? There are no rules. The whole point of mixing and matching is to find similar lines, textures, colours, and shapes that work together to create a story. Look forward to this style more as we become more and more aware of our ever filling land-fills.

Bathroom Tech, Electric Mirror

Mirrors with lights, mirrors with TV's, mirrors that brush your teeth for you. Okay, maybe not the last one but there is nothing to be afraid of when it comes to using technology in the bathroom. Yeah, there's the whole water and electricity issue, but let's face it, we don't make toast while sitting in the bathtub. Look out for this stuff, it's hot. (