Craiglist scam: taking advantage of int. design students

I spotted an add requesting design pricing on Craigslist recently: Any interior design students out there wanted to have fun and build their portfolio? Here is a great opportunity.

Project challenge: a 4900 ft^2 house waiting to be redesigned and decorated. The house is a 4 level split, 5 bed/ 5 bath. The structure is sound, but style is old and needed a facelift. It's mainly cosmetic job with the exception of basement where 2 bedrooms need to be created. Budget is limited: $50,000 . And this includes everything including the furnitures. (second hand furniture is welcome, some furnitures will be provided)

Because budget is limited, you will be welcomed to come up with creative solutions to make the space look beautiful. 

Time frame: 1 month starting from DEC 21. 

I am hoping to get a few people involved as it is a big project, and you will be paid. compensation can be discussed but keep in mind that it won't be a huge amount due to limited budget. 

Benefits to students:Actual hands on experience in dealing with clients, drafting design concepts, working with trades people, shopping for furnitures, and bringing your design to life. 

Please contact me with your portfolio and specify your pay expectation for doing the entire project. If you are a junior students with no experience but willing to help out and learn, you are welcome to join but likely no pay. (However, good reference will be provided if needed) There will be a party at the end to celebrate the success too!! Hope to meet talented design enthusiasts!!!

To which I respond:

  1. Students do not have time to take on work. Studies are intensive, and anyone who does not understand this is an undeserving and ungrateful "client". The value of this work is neither perceived or literal, it is simply disgusting
  2. $50,000 for 5000 sq. ft. and a complete remodel is very underestimated and very undervalued. $150 per hour is the going industry rate
  3. The undervalued project budget will not allow for pay and the poster knows this.
  4. So not only can the poster not afford the project or the services, they hope to have a few people work on this project. Huh.
  5. "Creative solutions" aka "We're really cheap!"
  6. 1 month of work? That's $24,000 in billable hours... budget was what again? When do classes start again?
  7. It's not "furnitures" it's furniture. Use grammar check
  8. Benefits... of what exactly? Yeah, the "client" doesn't even understand what they are asking for
  9. Students have portfolios? Junior students even?
  10. Don't look for work on Craigslist.