Live, love, and laugh: holiday message from The Kula

The last time I purchased a nick-knack, furniture, or some house-ware accessory was a zillion years ago, or so it feels. In fact, I have received more hand-me-downs and won more swag in the last couple years, and you know what? Despite the inherent need to re-design and improve upon everything I see, I love it that way. It feels odd, mostly, because I make it my business to do it better than it was done before, but there is one thing that makes me accept the way things are and work with it. Nostalgia.

This business we are all in is a catch-22 because we create new forms from the banal in situations where often the old is still in very good function, it is just not in the aesthetic of the homeowner's liking. I would be lying to you if I said I do not wrestle replacing something nostalgic or that is still performing well every single day. I justify my actions by believing that it's not me, it's you - re-designing what was not initially well designed.

I really believe in my heart that there are many ways to live with something that doesn't quite fit with the design, doesn't quite work right and has it's quirks, or life with-out it. Rather than think that you need more storage space, or to purchase different furniture, why don't you just decide to live with less? We all could use some austerity.

It is not a completely odd notion during this holiday season. We are suppose to be buying, giving, receiving, and adding to the collection. All we are saying is that to live is more, to connect is more, to be with loved ones is more, and that to share is more.

The Kula and our guests will break until the New Year so that we can live, love, and laugh. Enjoy yours.