Wallpaper: from the Dark Side to Christian Lacroix

Imperial Forces Wallpaper Wallpaper is back and graphic is the new black, that and, teal/marine. I recently had a client that jumped all over the wallpaper idea and all though it was more subtle in strength the decorative paper selection process was a breeze. It was was meant to be because it was the very first page of the very first book that opened. Since you asked, yes it is in a kitchen, and that's okay as long as high humidity is not an issue for the application.

Back to wallpaper, from Fornasetti, Christian Lacroix, Star Wars, and trellis patterns, papers are anything you want them to be. This method of adding impact and tailoring your space is highly effective but please don't put rose petals all over your walls. We're so much better than that now, but a word of caution on two fronts. Installation and pattern choice are important. Please do not attempt to install pricy wallpaper yourself unless you are a pro, and, because these pattern selections often run a small fortune, you'll find that applying the deco to your walls will have a sticker shock. If you love it, you will find a way to have it.

Fornasetti Collection

Oversized Arrows

White Panelling Wallpaper

Arles in Fuchsia

Leopold in Marine

Some images courtesy TrendHunter.com